Live Cover of Labyrinth: WITHIN YOU


This version is recorded LIVE from my studio (just last week, January 2019) as a fan tribute using ONLY Spitfire Audio LABS free virtual instruments, and from here thanks very much for sharing these free (but outstanding) instruments for composers.

I know all Labyrinth songs and I may be encouraged to try a few more next

I also have to say I know almost the whole soundtrack by heart and I even was invited to perform the score to the 30th anniversary FAERIECON 2016 . Then I learned all the songs from Labyrinth in order to perform on a special event celebrating 3 decades after the release. There I met again with The Frouds (designers of the movie, Toby was the baby and actually works with his parents creating puppets as in Dark Crystal new series). Also in the picture Jim Henson’s daughter and illustrator Charles Vess (Stardust, Sandman)


Revisiting snippets of old geeky fantasy things… What is your favourite fantasy movie?

I am intending to to do a series of things that were meaningful to me as a child… as you know my favourite movie is The Dark Crystal and I’ve shared like four tributes of that, but there are also other songs I’m intending to cover like The Neverending Story, Last Unicorn, and more… and even some 80s and early 90s things that were a familiar soundtrack when I grew up

but just curious… what are your favourite fantasy movies just in case I may be intending to cover some of them

Thank you very much to my patrons at that support the creation of this candid snippets of things that were significant for me as a child.


So let me know in comments !

Within You (live).mp4_snapshot_00.49.080.jpg

Let me offer you your dreams (Labyrinth, 1986)

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Leaves Never Settle In the Wind: Celtic Seasonal Autumn Song (Video, Making of and more…)

New original Celtic song inspired by Autumn that belongs to the series “Incantations”. Autumn is one of the most romantic seasons… the colours, the misty mornings, the productive working days indoors, sipping hot tea while it rains outside… It has always moved and inspired me. What’s your favourite thing of Autumn?

Song is available for download on my patreon (free for patrons)

You can also support purchasing from my shop (digital format)

Or you can purchase it from Bandcamp

Above: new music video click play to listen while you read 🙂

I know I post only scarcely lately but these take me long time, more now that my computer is so outdated, so I literally took almost a month since last video (last post) to get this done! 🙂

Leaves never settle in the Wind_GIF_00000660.gif
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A tribute to THE DARK CRYSTAL: Gelfling Song (Voice, double Ocarina) and excited about Age of Resistance TV series.

The Dark Crystal (1982) is my favourite movie and soundtrack of all time. Directed by Jim Henson and Frank Oz, this movie was pure magic! I am now a musician and I am forever grateful to the magic JIM HENSON created for the children of my generation. This is a fan tribute, a cover of cover of “Gelfling Song” from THE DARK CRYSTAL original movie score performed by myself singing and with a double Ocarina. We also recorded all the critters and audio sound FX ourselves. Recorded in Navarre, Summer 2019.

One of my biggest influences as an artist

As some of you know, I’m currently a fantasy artist, I compose music and also do fantasy illustrations. One of my major influences was this movie, when I was barely a child. For me it was always the most magical movie, where there were no humans but just otherwordly amazing little creatures. The music composed by Trevor Jones was a mix of folk and epic symphonic soaring the motifs that were with me as I grew up. I had the vinyl which remains for me “my desert island” album.

Priscilla Hernandez Dark Crystal - by Priscilla Hernandez (

I grew up being a fan of all things Henson, from The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, Fraggle Rock, Storyteller, The Muppets… He infused my childhood with magic and wisdom and a wish to be a better person, and a creative one. Still among all his works, this was my favourite, because the meaning is deep and rooted even deeper in my mind. We are light and darkness, and we must seek BALANCE.

Watch out for each other. Love everyone and forgive everyone, including yourself. Forgive your anger. Forgive your guilt. Your shame. Your sadness. Embrace and open up your love, your joy, your truth, and most especially your heart. - Jim Henson

Learn to love your shadows

I kissed an skeksis.jpg

Above: Me with an “Skeksis” because they’re not all that bad you know

The movie involves a crystal cracking and two races appearing, cruel Skeksis represents our sins and vices, gentle Mystics or UrRu represents peacefulness and crafts but are also a bit alienated from the world. The whole movie revolves about “healing” the Dark Crystal which results in the need of “merging” them into a balanced Primeval Race again the Ur-Skeks

Priscilla Hernandez Dark Crystal - by Priscilla Hernandez (

Of course I have some pieces of memorabilia :). Above me with Gelflings Jen and Kira dolls.

Among lots of memorabilia and merchandising hahah 🙂

I had a dog Fizzgig and a dog called Kira… that pretty sums it up 🙂

Netflix will release a prequel Series next 30th of August

I’m so excited!!!

Age of Resistance is a series based in this movie that will premiere later this month. For me it’s exciting because many people from the new generations will re-discover the magic of the old film. I have many friends involved artistically in it including the Frouds who were the original designers of the movie. I’ve had the honour to meet them as guests of many conventions we’ve both attended and in fact I have performed The Dark Crystal snippets for them when they attended some of my concerts. They designed the puppets and overall look of the original movie and they’re on board for the series so I trust it’s gonna be AWESOME!

Are you excited about the prequel series reboot? I hope many rediscover the magic of the original movie too. If you haven’t watched it I urged you to do and check the making of. It was an amazing effort at the time it was made all with practical FX.

If you haven’t watched this movie I urge you to investigate about it, overall as I mentioned earlier on it is a story of BALANCE.


Filming locations

The video is entirely filmed in Navarre (Spain) most of it barely some weeks ago 🙂
Most of the video was filmed in a very secret pond I often visit. It’s hidden in the middle of the woods and despite what it looks deep enough for a comforting swim. Additional scenes were filmed in other more stagnant waters to mimic the original “swamp” vibe from the original movie. We visited some more stagnant ponds and swamps for the matter for some additional takes and sounds.

my secret pond - by priscilla Hernandez (

I tried to included close ups of different creatures, because even if they are “earthy” if you look very closely some creatures look otherwordly… you all reemember “Kokeneli” and that I had a pet isopod right?


Recording the audio


Above: Backing vocals by the creatures of the pond

All the Nature Sound FX were also recorded using a portable Zoom microphone and that included general pond ambience, water gurgling, frogs and crickets. We (@hedac and I) layered all the sounds to create a “swamp” sonic soundscape similar to the one featured in the original movie. It was one of the funniest parts of the making of.

I tried to sing in a way my voice would recall a little bit to Kira’s intonation in the original.

In the original movie the song is performed by two Gelflings, Jen playing a double flute or “aulos” and Kira singing.

double ocarina.jpg

Above: Double Ocarina with my “yidneth” logo engraved

Cosplay : Recreating a Gelfling Look

Priscilla Hernandez Kira Dark Crystal Gelfling - by Priscilla Hernandez (

I had previously recorded a cover from this very movie “Jen Play his pipes” so this is my second tribute to this (my favourite) movie. This time though I tried to evoke the looks.

The wings were a courtesy from my friends at El Costurero Real, they are based on Cicada wings which are similar to the ones Gelfling girls have. I also thank Folk Owl for the green capelet. The rest of the look was layering greens and using and styling a wig with bangs and braids.

Easter Eggs : Find “Fizzgig” and the “fufunchi”

As in almost every video I do there is a rat or “fufunchi” hidden. Even if my “fufunchis” have been gone a while I still composite them into the videos (so they’re still with me) and it has become kind of an “Easter Egg”. Let’s see if someone can spot her. :). You can find a ratty also in other videos like Flame, A Blooming Heart, Haunted, Ethereal among others.
Dare to find Tuula in the video?

No matter what they say - by Priscilla Hernandez (

The second Easter Egg I’m gonna give it away, you can spot “Fizzgig” among the other creatures 🙂


I had already recorded another cover of The Dark Crystal some years ago (another theme though)

This is NOT the first but the second cover I do for this movie, many years ago I had already covered “Jen Play his Pipes” also from the original movie score, that time recorded live at the Bodmin Forests (UK)

Above: Older cover from another Dark Crystal theme “Jen Play his Pipes”

Final Notes

I know this last month I have not been much around but all August I’m embarked on a self-care month. It has been pretty rough lately, mostly struggling to sleep and low spirits, but thanks to whoever enquired, I’ve not left, 🙂 even if I post little I try to check in and I take FOREVER to make these but be sure you’ll be updated of my music releases as always 🙂 I have started meditation and muscular relaxation and I’ll do a workshop that takes the whole month, but starting to feel results. Trying to get better in many different levels. 🙂 So a bit off the loop but “not gone” 🙂 still thanks to whoever was concerned and reached out.

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Flame: New SINGLE out now!

Cover of Priscilla Hernandez single FLAME

This is a song about the contradictions of love and our endless quest for it… It’s a very old song of mine but the recording is brand new and this is its fist “official” release.

So Flame is out on Spotify and all digital retailers like amazon, youtubemusic, itunes and so on… there will be a videoclip in a couple of days but meanwhile I’m trying to gather your impressions of the new song

How can I listen to it?

Stream from SPOTIFY

Download from ITUNES

My patrons have also the mp3 for free at

And for those not able to listen from these links yet, there will be a videoclip coming out on youtube in a few days

🙂 Stay tuned for the videoclip that will be likely on my next blogpost too

Here a couple of sneak peaks:

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On your Wings (The Ravens Incantation) Video and Recording

A little magical Incantation along with the Ravens… Filmed 9/2/2019 in Zuriza (Spain)

Trying my Christmas present: My A key tin whistle

On your wings. The Ravens Incantation - by priscilla Hernandez (

The flute I’m playing was my self Christmas present, an alto Irish tin Whistle in A key with an extra G hole. The maker is Shearwater Whistles and though an affordable brand I was quite pleased with the result. I bought if for myself on Christmas though I had to wait for it to be done. I finally could film this video a couple of weeks ago.

On your wings. The Ravens Incantation - by priscilla Hernandez (

Location and Recording

Location is Zuriza (Spain, close to France border) barely a few weeks ago… It’s incredible how weather can change so drastically, it was all wintry white and now leaves and blooms are unfurling. The footage was filmed using a brand new toy, a handheld stabilized camera (Osmo Pocket) who was gifted to me by @hedac to do more vlogs (yes, yes I know, I must do more!!)

I’m wearing my hat from my friends El Costurero Real, self knitted mittens and a coat gifted by my friend Wui. It’s not leather but fabric and faux fur.

On your wings. The Ravens Incantation - by priscilla Hernandez (

The crows and raven sounds were really recorded in place too, they are not an fx added. We used a portable Zoom recorder. The audio is not from the Osmo Pocket camera itself. A second round of flute was recorded to make a duet. Other than that there is only a supporter drone which is a mix of sounds in the studio, including one pad made out of the recorded voice of one of my fufunchis (Ritva, my rat) which sounds New-Age but comes from the sampled squeaks of my rat (now gone) I have the instrument of their voices so they can be part of my music.


Above, Ritva, an angel now, but her voice is featured as part of the humming drone all through the tune

About the “Incantations” project


Incantations is a little project I have recording outdoors. They are usually short and improvised, most of the melodies are done in the spot inspired by the place. Thus this one was called “On your Wings, the Ravens Incantation” because the crows and ravens were hovering above me while chanting. The Incantations are made as a way to channel Nature, they are usually very short improvisations… I hope some of them will become songs in their own right one day. In a way it is like the birth of a possible song in the simplest way, just letting myself flow and be inspired by my surroundings while I ground in Nature.

Above an image of the previous Incantation (Over the Clouds) which went viral uncredited 🙁

I am wearing again my hat from El Costurero Real and the reason why is because one of the previous Incantations went viral several times but stolen, cutting my credit and watermark out of the video and without even mentioning me. With over 4 million plays scattered among a few groups and countless of shares on facebook, I stumbled upon my own video without my name on it. I will make maybe a post about it. Some of those groups even asked for money to restore my name to my “stolen” video. But I could prove it was mine and some were finally blocked. Still as in the previous one I was in in silhouette, I decided to do a similar one wearing the witch hat but this time showing my face. Let’s see what happens this time, but I am encouraged to continue these series of short and sweet compositions outdoors.

I have created a playlist on my youtube channel with the Incantations and recordings in Nature

And this was the video that circulated out without control (if you ever stumble upon it)

Filming a new one as soon as the leaves unfold… but shifting my colours into green… what do you think? Spring is drawing near and a new Incantation along with it

The Green witch - by Priscilla Hernandez (


Priscilla Hernandez
singer-songwriter & illustrator

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Away Reprise (Duet version) Video and Download

This song is about a longing for freedom  that we learn to find eventually within ouselves. It was written is a little reprise of Away (one of the songs included in my first album Ancient Shadows back in 2006 that you can actually find at my youtube) but this version had different melody and lyrics and was never included in the albums. Lyrics are included at the end of this post. It has only been performed live during concerts usually with Hammered Dulcimer. I recorded a Live unedited version in July 2018 but last December my long time supporter and fellow singer Kenneth Élan aka Greenhearted  from Puerto Rico recorded some harmonies over the live version. He did with permission to be an official release here, on my youtube and patreon .

  • Here you can watch the video
Click Above to watch the video. If you have time, visit my youtube channel and leave us our feedback there or consider to “subscribe” Thank you 🙂
  • Download the mp3 for free from Patreon .  Thank you very much to all my patrons especially those who “fly with me” (tier) Adrian Nunn, Rhianon Hutchinson and Alfredo Armas.


Music and lyrics, lead female vocal, piano, low whistle and recorder by Priscilla Hernandez at

Male vocal harmonies by Kenneth Elan aka. Greenhearted. Please visit his youtube channels Acoustic Dreams and Greenhearted

Above: Puerto Rican singer Kenneth Élan

Away Reprise (Lyrics)

Oh so lost within
and nourished by pain
this tangle of fears
the bars of my cage
And ravened within
this broken bird
is yearning to fly
is yearning to reach the sky
But I’m longing to break
through that silken gossamer veil
gauzy clouds weave
with silver threads
and fly with the winds
that carry me away
Away… Away…
I wish I were safe
back in my shell
far beyond the furthest end
far away….

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Time and Space Reflections Soundtrack (Throwback and freebie)

time and space reflections ost - by priscilla Hernandez (
Me with Alba Garcia’s DVD and promotional booklet for the Short animated movie Time and Space Refletions for which I composer the track

You can download this song for free here:

-Free Download on my patreon (you don’t need to be patron to download it)

-Free download from my official website

And listen in the trailer to it in the trailer of the short movie below:

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Lost Frontier Christmas Sampler: Full album (Compilation of New Age artists)

Free album download. Lost Frontier Christmas Sampler including my Christmas Carol “In the Bleak Midwinter” as well as other 19 tracks (some original) and all written for this compilation

So here a belated Christmas present that as Three Wise men gift. Like every year Lost Frontier ( a well known New Age podcast in Spain) makes a compilation of exclusive recordings and Winter/Christmas songs absolutely FREE. I participated last year as well and this year I included my version of “In the Bleak Midwinter” but you can download the entire album for free and enjoy also some original soft electronic and New Age compositions by a long time family of New Age composer.  This article also includes the cover, back and inlay so you can print it and have it in your collection but for more information and download visit the official link


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In the Bleak Midwinter: Our Yule / Christmas Special from YIDNETH STUDIO

Every year I do a Christmas / Yule / Winter Special, this is the fourth year in a row and here is my version and video of the traditional Christmas/Yuletide Carol “In the Bleak Midwinter” (Public Domain) performed by myself and featuring my “deer” friend Hirvi and filmed mostly in Navarre, Spain where I’m fortunate to live. With this I want to wish all my friends, followers and supporters our best wishes from Yidneth Studio (me and @hedac).
It was released last Friday Night (the longest night of the year) though I’m sharing it now as yesterday I made a special performance/concert to celebrate the solstice.

My new music video greeting card for 2018 Holidays

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Winter Solstice Concert and Merry Yule!

Concierto de Priscilla Hernandez (Ultzama)
Promotional Flyer / Poster of Yuletide Concert by Priscilla Hernandez, 22nd December (Lizaso, Navarra)

Merry Yule! Winter Solstice is the longest Night of the year but also the rebirth of light… all days will be longer now on. Thus we celebrate the Solstice with a live performance at “Granja Escuela Ultzama” (Lizaso, Navarra). I will perform along with my partner Héctor Corcín and with I will also bring my fellow fairy friend María (Nekara) as assistant to weave all the magic. The concert is entitled “The Magic of Winter” and includes my original songs as well as some of my Christmas Specials, including “In the Bleak Midwinter” that I have recorded for the current season.

I have created also a youtube playlist with all the Christmas songs recorded so far:

Merry Yule!

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