Idunn: Norse Goddess of Apples and Apples Symbology

Me by the Apple Orchard wearing the Empress Dress by Timjan Design (thanks Emelie for the beautiful dress)

As we can know from old Nordic poems Edda, Idunn is a Goddess of the Norse Mythology, the keeper of apples and granter of eternal youthfulness. Apple trees were the symbol of rebirth and beauty. The Apple tree is scared in Norse mythology. Idunn is the goddess of Spring or rejuvenation and the wife of Bragi, who is the god of Poetry. With her apples, gods remain young and immortal.

The Apple Orchard- Idunn Norse Goddess - by priscilla Hernandez (

In this old poem it says that the blood of Idunn was elven

In the dales dwells,
the prescient Dís,
from Yggdrasil’s
ash sunk down,
of alfen race,
Idun by name,
the youngest of Ivaldi’s
elder children

The Apple Orchard- Idunn Norse Goddess - by priscilla Hernandez (

Below an illustration by one of my all time favourite Illustrators, Swedish John Bauer, portraying Idunn and Loki.

Loki and Idun - John Bauer

Above: Idunn and Loki by Swedish Illustrator John Bauer, one of my favourites (Public Domain)

Apples… Symbolism is it really “the forbidden” fruit?

Until the XVII century the word “apple” meant simply “fruit” (except for berries)

The Forbidden Fruit that in the Bible represents temptation and the fall of man and sin as the apple is often a symbol of love and “sexuality” something that somehow was “maligned” a warning against “Earthly” desires. We all know what happened in Eden (wink) The tale says the The larynx in human’s throats is the malign fruit stuck in his throat. The word apple comes from greek “melon” (general for fruit) but in latin it was similar to malum (evil) and that was the curse for this otherwise delicious gift of Nature. Even Snowhite falls prey of a poisoned apple. It was in the XII century where it was established that “The Evil Fruit” was in fact an “apple”

Apples (same as rats, gorgeous “fufunchi” Taika in the photo) often maligned for no reason. Unfairly treated as maligned femininity

The actual scientific name of apples is “Malus pumila” (how unfair)

The Love goddess Venus is often represented holding an apple.
We all know the Greek myth of the Golden Apple of Discord which was tossed to the “prettiest” Goddess creating competition among Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite a dispute that led the Trojan War.

Apple is a fruit that carries lots of symbolism sometimes mystical in many cultures. It’s also related with knowledge and immortality. Its spherical shape represents “totality” (against Greek’s myth Pomegranate eaten by Persephone which curses her to stay in the Underworld)

Apples have Estradiol a substance similar to female hormones that improve sexual arousal in women… how sinful and forbidden.

If you but an apple in half a five pointed star or pentagram is revealed, a symbol of the ‘five stations from birth to death and rebirth.’ that is why it is linked to immortality in Irish legends too. The pentagram is used in many cultures and religions and it was originally a symbol of the Goddess. Wiccans interpret the five points as the five elements- earth, air, water, fire and spirit

The Apple Orchard- Idunn Norse Goddess - by priscilla Hernandez (

In Ancient China apple blossom, howeve represented female beauty. Wild apples were considered symbols of Spring. Also the fruit was appreciated because wild apples were not tasty so they had to import them from neighbouring countries being very worth.

So I chose this approach in order to celebrate these gifts Earth provide and divine femininity.

The Apple Orchard- Idunn Norse Goddess - by priscilla Hernandez (

May your dreams bloom and become fruitful

pd. I love apples… do you like apples? What variety?

and cider… nom 🙂

Just remember the Victorian proverb says…

An Apple a day keeps the doctor away

The Apple Orchard- Idunn Norse Goddess - by priscilla Hernandez (

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