The first day of the year: Hello 2019 from a Mystical Forest

Finding what I’ve lost

As I wrote in my previous entry, I entered this 2019 full of resolutions, but one thing that was clear to me is that I wanted to spend the first day outdoors, grounding, healing and connecting with Nature. And so off we went to look for an item we had lost just a few days prior when we were filming for a forthcoming video, not hoping to find it but enjoying to retrace our trail back. And It was found… which I consider a sign of good luck… Because that is precisely one of feelings I want to cherish… You may think you’ve lost something yet you might not.

In the Mist

Wandering and Wondering….

You know I love mist… I even wrote a song about it “In the Mist”. So here I was the first day of the year hiking uphill and then all turned foggy and the woods looked as mystical as they could look. Just like an Other World of fantasy. These are some images of the first day of the year. All Pictures taken by me and Héctor.

Above: Me hiking in the forest, wearing my Wizard Hat… It makes me feel like a Earth Wizard
Wisps of mist shrouded the trees. Everything looks eerily romantic and ethereal. Air is crisp and damp

All photos by myself and Héctor Corcín.
Hat by El Costurero Real
Location: Belate (Navarre, Spain) 1/1/2019

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