Dandelions are floating in evergreen fields…

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The meaning of the dandelion flower is a promise of faithfulness. Their resistance echoes endurance. Dandelions are related with purity, innocence and nostalgia. I share this appreciation post for these lovely ubiquitous yellow flowers. It’s a post that will end up in a very personal note if you care to read until the end. These small and considered insignificant by many are maybe my favourite flowers and you are going to know why.
In Spain we call them “dientes de Leon” (Lion’s teeth) from which “dandelion” word comes from.

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And splatters of a myriad of yellow blooms show the path I will follow (from my song Sentinel)

A common flower not lacking importance or meaning

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Dandelions belong to the genus Taxaracum and Asteraceae Family, being the most common *Taxaracum officinale” (common dandelion) also known as Lion’s tooth, Irish daisy, blowball, puff ball, cankerwort, doon-head-clock, witch’s gowan, milk witch, lion’s-tooth, yellow-gowan, monks-head, priest’s-crown, and puff-ball and other less romantic names as common pee-a-bed

The entire plant, roots, leaves and flowers are edible. There are evidence of their use as food as medicine since Prehistory. The roasted roots can be used to make a caffeine free drink. Flowers too can be added as ornament to salads, and the heads are used to make wine and liquors, petals are used to make dandelion wine with sugar, yeast and citrus fruits peels. It has several medicinal uses mostly as digestive aid or to boost liver function, and it’s available as tea, tincture and capsules. Of course if you forage dandelions make sure you don’t take them from your local park where they can be covered in pesticides… wild meadows or grow your own as seeds grow easily on your garden or pots. There is evidence it helps to manage sugar and lipid levels in animals who eats them. And it has phytonutrients that can help to prevent cancer as well as many antioxidants, Vitamin A and C. It’s used also against inflammation. It is also very diuretic… I wonder if the French word Pissenlit (wet the bed) is related to it. Medicinal use is considered safe though allergic reactions should be checked as it’s possible though rare.
You can also get yellow and green dye out of them… I particularly like to dye my clothes in nature colours.

Yes they are common… and that’s why very often underrated. But as you see they have a wealth of properties… Also being among the first flowers appearing in Spring they’re key for the survival of bees. Next picture is one shared recently by my partner @hedac on his feed and featuring a cute bumblebee frolicking with dandelion pollen. 🙂
Even the most common flower can have such an enormous importance

Bumblebee on dandelion. Macrophotography courtesy of @hedac

As it can easily colonize an area it’s usually considered as a weed by many gardeners, but I think they are absolutely beautiful. It really makes me sad when local gardeners come with the land mowers to get rid of them and get their perfect “polished” but spiritless grass… As much as may think of these little blooms a nuisance my heart is happy to greet the yellow dots on the green grass.

A symbol of sheer joy

A symbol of joy and faithfulness and of course of light. For Native American was a representation of the Sun being the petals the rays of the Sun at the beginning of Spring. It is not difficult to guess why… they look like little glowing sun… and it strikes to me then than they are like stars in the green meadows… painting a starry sky where you can run, and dance and jump and remember how you loved to do so when a child and how your inner child still loves to do it.

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Above: Me barefoot jumping and dancing on a dandelion fields


A symbol of endurance they are also perennial and bloom a rather long time. Endure!
You will often find them growing even in cracks on the pavements… a reminder of life thriving

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No life is free from struggles… but we learn to live. Treasure the moments of peace, the moments of health, the moments of happiness…

You’re only a dream away, my sweet Kira

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post it’s a flower related with faithfulness and what’s more faithful and loyal that your dog companion. It’s the flower I usually relate to my Siberian Husky Kira (1995-2003). I always dream of her running in her favourite fields full or yellow blooms. She has one song in each one of my already published music albums. And whenever I mention “yellow blooms” in a song is a hidden clue related to her. So I recurrently dream I am in a field full of dandelions and that she appears… sometimes I chase her I am slightly aware she’s gone and I am dreaming… that is when usually my dream become lucid. I will write more about her soon but I had to mention.

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Dandelions are floating in evergreen fields
Those yellow flowers incoiling to buds
gently inviting to sleep
Good Night Kira


Here is a drawing I made myself of me and Kira… the drawing is made on a watercolour background where I pressed too a real dandelion flower from those fields she used to love.

So through the years the “fields” became like a private place I go when I dream… And because of my longing (and mourning) there I can see sometimes also my fufunchis (my rats) and all the animal companions that blessed my life… That is a place I go often in dreams to be with them… But when I try to chase them they usually scattered in different directions… I feel still the urge to protect but at the same time I’m aware I am dreaming and that I need to let them go
But there they are waiting for me.

I let you go, I let you leave
though I shall wait for you
all life long
till the end and beyond

If I could describe Heaven that is the dandelion field where I play with you

I love you

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So if you could make a wish…

We all have picked those fluffy seeded flowers, those silver tufted blowballs, and have made a wish…

Blowing and scattering the seeds into the winds we make our wishes travel. Do you know they grow on every continent? Such travelers those wishes are too.

Have you ever tried to blow one?
If it’s not the right time you have to blow hard… even in that they teach a lesson. Be patient!

So if you had a wish… what would it be?

I’d wish that place of my dream to be real but as I cannot rewind time… I will wish for a home. Home is not a roof, is not a place, it’s a shelter of the soul, a comfort of the spirit, a sense of belonging. That is why up to this day I call Kira and fufunchis my home…
But as long as I keep moving forward my feet will lead me ahead…
I’m sure I’ll find my way home

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