FLAME: A song about love that is not a love song

NEW SINGLE and VIDEO. Video just premiered earlier today

The song is full of contradictions… ice and fire… hot and cold…
We yearn for love, sometimes it hurts, sometimes it’s raging fire, sometimes it makes us shiver…
Love is everything

What is love for you?

So here my new single, which is not a “new” song but it’s a brand new recording and video. A “flame” rekindled from its ashes to shine ablaze bright once more.

Stream from SPOTIFY https://open.spotify.com/album/1cmzMt4nkPaLLnhdeF1laO


That is why we are constantly longing for it, searching for it… It’s an endless quest to find it, to keep it.

Love is an endless quest

Priscilla Hernandez flame - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

I am burning in the flames of love and that’s the way that you do chill me to the bone

Love is a contradiction….
ties you with with knots
but makes you fly on its wings
Our endless quest
we long to find it and we fear to lose it
You must endure the challenges of this epic journey

This song is about love but it’s not a love song Love is a …

logo flame small.png
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Flame: New SINGLE out now!

Cover of Priscilla Hernandez single FLAME

This is a song about the contradictions of love and our endless quest for it… It’s a very old song of mine but the recording is brand new and this is its fist “official” release.

So Flame is out on Spotify and all digital retailers like amazon, youtubemusic, itunes and so on… there will be a videoclip in a couple of days but meanwhile I’m trying to gather your impressions of the new song

How can I listen to it?

Stream from SPOTIFY https://open.spotify.com/album/1cmzMt4nkPaLLnhdeF1laO

Download from ITUNES https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/flame-single/1455292889

My patrons have also the mp3 for free at

And for those not able to listen from these links yet, there will be a videoclip coming out on youtube in a few days

🙂 Stay tuned for the videoclip that will be likely on my next blogpost too

Here a couple of sneak peaks:

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Why hugging trees can heal you?

Have you ever hugged a tree? Does it sounds too hippy let me tell you what you’re missing 😉 and how it works.

One week ago me Héctor and I went out like we do almost every single weekend. A lovely early Spring day, a field full of blooms and there a glorious Evergreen tree all lush green already. It stood out as “King of the Hill” and so I hugged it…

A manificent Evergreen Oak

encina (2).jpg
The Holm Oak (Evergreen or Holly Oak)

Quercus ilex is also known as “Evergreen Oak” Holly oak or Holm (ancient for “Holy”) Oak. They grow typically in the Mediterranean and are quite large in size. This particular one stood in the middle of a field, all crowned in green while the oak trees around it were barely budding their new leaves. That green has endured Winter and it almost felt like a “flash forward” into Summer.

encina (1).jpg
Above me by the Holm tree so you can see its size for comparison
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The Golden Path: Meditational New Age Song

Close your eyes, feel your wings spreading, you’re wandering through the woods, all cloaked in sunset gold rays… Follow me along The Golden Path
I have edited this the past days taking a little break from a longer project. I’ve been myself in a bit of a turmoil so was in the mood for something EXTREMELY chill :). I hope you like it.

Above: Press PLAY to listen to the song and watch the video while you continue reading
Right out from the oven 🙂 I seriously need a better computer to edit videos though… ! :/ I hope you like it… The mood is very relaxing almost like walking into a lucid dream (those in which you are aware you are dreaming)

The Moth Princess - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-2.jpg
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