Sweet Dreams are made of This (Cover)

Sweet Dreams (are made of) this… who am I to disagree? I’m kind of a vintage retro girl already 😉 and quite an insomniac so here a lullabyish version short cover of this 80s classic hit by Eurythmics (1983) in a lullaby soothing kind of mood . Recorded live in three takes, voice and harmonies For me this song and “Mad World” had that soothing yet slightly “bitter” quality. I’ve covered also TFF Mad World you can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VT2W… What are dreams really made of anyway? What are your favourite 80s songs, let me know in the comments! I always say a cover never beats an original so please make sure to check the ORIGINAL song by Eurythmics, it’s a classic!. This cover is just a tribute shout out to the original that you should check, originally sung by Annie Lennox and with more upbeat mood. This is more of candid dreamy take but please let me know your opinion. Hope you find it soothing. What are your favourite 80s/90s songs? Mine you will see as I drop one now and then, being this one of them, also Tears for Fears, Bowie, Depeche Mode, This Mortal Coil, Cocteau Twins and lots of film music Post your suggestions in the comments and let me know! Though most my channel is devoted to my original music I’m doing a series of very short covers to honour my influences. Songs that were on my Walkman as a child (yes, I’m that vintage), mostly 80s, early 90s and geeky fantasy movies. So that will be a separate playlist (covers) and I’ll try to share a candid take like this more often.

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