World Oceans Day: A siren’s laments for the Big Blue

Hendaya mermaid - by_-5.jpg
Me at Hendaye (France)

Earth is a “blue” planet because most of its surface (70%) is covered by Ocean. 97% of the water in our planet is stored in them. Water is life, or so they say. And it’s true Life was born here and is possible due to their existence. Topographically, we know more about the moon than we do about Earth, who knows what great wonders can the oceans still hold?

8th June is Wold Oceans Day

Hendaya mermaid - by_-7.jpg
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World Environment Day 2019 (Beat Air Pollution) and Mother Earth Photoshoot.

Mother Earth (6).jpg
Above: Me trying to embody Mother Earth in one of my favourite spots.Urbasa Forest (Navarra)

Today 5th of June is World Environment Day (WED) was first established by the United Nations in 1972 and celebrated since 1974 every year to create awareness and encourage people to take actions for the protection of our planet to reduce our carbon footprint and do something for our beloved planet. It’s a date that should be marked in the calendar but what it means should resonate the rest of the days of the year, every day.

Mother Earth (7).jpg

Learning to be part of Nature

Every year World environment day chooses a main theme or topic to address. The fact that it focuses attention on a particularly pressing environmental concern but that doesn’t mean we must ignore the others.

Last year the theme was “Beat Plastic Pollution” and I wrote in fact this other article

This year the theme ” Beat Air Pollution” and is the host country is China and all over the planet people do small celebrations and “acts”, they clean the beaches and forests or plant trees.

Some years ago I used to live in Barcelona, though cosmopolitan and full of opportunity the air was not that clean. I moved since to a very small but green mossy place, and yes there are things I miss from the big city adventure but I have these kind of places… They are usually massively covered by lichens which is a sign precisely that the air is clean. Did you know that lichens are “air pollution” bio-indicators?

Mother Earth (9).jpg

This is my corner of the planet…

A fairy green kingdom I love to visit

Mother Earth (1).jpg

The miracle of everflowing life under the early Summer green canopy

Mother Earth (8).jpg

We must not take things for granted though… I’m fortunate to be able to inhale and breathe clean air, but not all are that lucky. My actions, your actions, they all count to address the current crises that the planet is enduring. Climate change is changing our home so drastically and so quickly we may reach a point of not return…

Nothing is done until is done

I’m writing a these days, the title is called “Nothing is done until is done”
I feel we might be running out of time.


What have you done for the planet today?

Small actions count… even if it’s humble creating awareness with this single post…

But now seriously even the decision to go somewhere on foot instead of taking the car… all small actions combined can make a big change. We rely on this planet for food, water and for a place to live in… You want to live in a clean house right? Earth is our only home and we have been as a species way too negligent so far.

Mother Earth Priscilla Hernandez - by Priscilla Hernandez-4.jpg

I choose to change that… yes one single voice

What about yours? Do you join me in the effort? We can, all together.

I understand that there are things that are out of our hands, that there are politicians full of greed that will always prefer “bread for today despite starving tomorrow”, but still I believe there is still time to make a difference, each one of us.

Mother Earth (2).jpg
Mother Earth (5).jpg

And as soundtrack for this post, I reshare again though I’ve done before my song GROW filmed in these forests

Above: My song GROW, an ODE TO NATURE

I will conlude the SAME way I concluded last year this very same date

This is an excerpt I wrote last year:”We live in the most amazing planet… home of so much diversity and life… cradle of so much beauty. But most still ignore how alarmingly quick it is all degrading, species vanishing into the oblivion of extinction, animals cornered in small habitats and doomed to fade away, our climate severely altered by our own pollution. And we see it all happening in front of our eyes… until we reach those critics points where things cannot be undone. One species gone, wild fires gone crazy due to severe draughts, tropical storms flooding countries out of the blue…
But we always choose “convenience”, the short-term fix…
Nature and Life in our planet are certainly at stake, and so also our existence because we belong to Earth and so far this is our ONLY HOME.
Don’t think it is not worth to make a difference… you can!”

What you will do, for this planet, for the life it holds, for US, or even for yourself is up to you.
You are responsible too.
You can choose, I did, I will act!

And you can gift yourself and others the chance to live in a better and cleaner planet…


All Pictures copyrighted to Priscilla Hernandez (YIDNETH.COM) in collaboration with Héctor Corcín.

Concept and costumes by Priscilla Hernandez.
Location: Urbasa Beechwoods (Navarra, Spain)Priscilla Hernandez singer-songwriter & illustrator

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Idunn: Norse Goddess of Apples and Apples Symbology

Me by the Apple Orchard wearing the Empress Dress by Timjan Design (thanks Emelie for the beautiful dress)

As we can know from old Nordic poems Edda, Idunn is a Goddess of the Norse Mythology, the keeper of apples and granter of eternal youthfulness. Apple trees were the symbol of rebirth and beauty. The Apple tree is scared in Norse mythology. Idunn is the goddess of Spring or rejuvenation and the wife of Bragi, who is the god of Poetry. With her apples, gods remain young and immortal.

The Apple Orchard- Idunn Norse Goddess - by priscilla Hernandez (

In this old poem it says that the blood of Idunn was elven

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