Don’t forget Tiermas: An abandoned village of Spain

Tiermas - by Priscilla Hernandez (
Abandoned Church in Tiermas

Left to Oblivion…

Tiermas - by Priscilla Hernandez (
The dome collapsed a few years ago and the village has been left to decay into oblivion

Tiermas is a Spanish abandoned village in Aragón in a region of Zaragoza known as Jacetania. This place is located next to the Yesa dam, that was built in the late 50s to provide irrigation and drinking water to this area. Very close to this very water reservoir we can also find another of my favourite deserted locations, Escó that I will cover maybe in another moment, as I spent one magical night stargazing and watching a meteor shower so it deserves its own post.

Those two villages are very close one from another so you can visit them both in one hike. My partner Héctor knows I have a weakness for ruins and desolate locations and they are less than hour drive from where I live now, so we have visited them both through the years and been myself spectator of their decay. I cannot help to feel a pang when I see them falling apart. Some places transcend beautifully when returning to Nature, but there is a sad ghostly quality in Tiermas, futures truncated, homes confiscated from their families, life taken away from a place.

In the case of Tiermas most of the village was flooded in 1959 and it is now underwater. Only part of it remained uncovered, isolated and safe on top of a hill. More than 1500 people lost their homes and crops and had to leave the village, which remained isolated and surrounded by water. In the 90s there were claims by former owners to try to restore the remains of the village but these plans were not taken into account as there are intentions to make the reservoir bigger (engulfing other locations like Escó that are also abandoned). Well technically Escó has 1 inhabitant (a single person that visits the place and keeps his dogs and cattle in it). I know because I met him once and talked with him though there are even legends he’s a “ghost”. Again, that is another story.

The old Thermal Baths rises from the waters once a year

tiermas balneario - by Priscilla Hernandez (

Above: ruins of the thermal baths rising from underwater once a year

The place was once well known for the thermal baths and Hot Springs with hot sulfurous waters. The ruins of this former Health resort rises once a year around September when the water reservoir is rather low. People still gather to take baths when these rise from the waters and it remains known to have “healing properties”. Even though laying down on the spontaneous pools that are formed among the scattered ruins every season is not safe, and one wonder if they can collapse on top of your head, the place is crowded even at night as hikers tend to set up their tents and sing songs while enjoying the thermal hot waters. The ruins return underwater when rain fills the dam again.
It is rumored that they intend to use pipes to build brand new Health Resort eventually on top of the hill for what this old village with so much History would need to be wiped out from existence.

And meanwhile it’s vanishing slowly into forgetfulness.

Abandoned into Oblivion

But today Tiermas it is just a rumble of houses covered in vines. At least emerged on top of the hill. From up above on clear days sometimes you can see the ruins of the rest of the village underwater. I wonder how it may look down there if diving were allowed. I have never seen footage of it and apparently currents make it dangerous. Just curiosity… As a sunk ship wreckage.

Tiermas - by Priscilla Hernandez (

On top of the Hill the abandoned village decays each year, each season one or two houses crumble down. The overgrown vegetation has engulfed everything. The thorns of blackberry bushes have cut the access to many of the old streets unless you want to leave a few drops of blood making a way through.

Tiermas - by Priscilla Hernandez (

An abandoned Church in an abandoned village

One of the highlights is the Church. Some graffiti and painting have vandalized the romantic decadence of this place. Some are of poor taste, especially the ones around the church which makes me sad.

Tiermas - by Priscilla Hernandez (
Tiermas - by Priscilla Hernandez (

These pictures are old rather old, two years ago the vault collapsed and is gone. So my entry photo doesn’t exist anymore as it is shown in these pictures.

Both Esco and Tiermas were used as “sceneries” for the recent movie “Guernica” (that was bombed in the Civil War) as they both look like a reenactment of villages destroyed by war.

Tiermas - by Priscilla Hernandez (

The Witches Portal

The “Witches Portal” was built in the XIII century by order of the King Pedro II of Aragon as this was the frontier of the Kingdom of Navarre. It is the only door that remains out of the three that were part of the “fortification” of the village. At the edge of the abandoned Tiermas it offers an excellent aerial view.

Tiermas - by Priscilla Hernandez (
Tiermas - by Priscilla Hernandez (

Final Thoughts… Let’s not forget

Last time I visited the place oddly a brand new road has been made to reach the location, yet there are no plans for its conservation and all it’s left to fall down. A ghost of a town. It is obviously sad that brand new “Spa” might be built in the near future, wiping out Tiermas history and story.

So this place as it is on these pictures is NO MORE… the arches of the church remain but the vault collapsed… some constructions are barely held by vines… Others have still belongings and objects scattered around… One cannot help to imagine it when it was flourishing and full of life. Both Tiermas and Escó are doomed to oblivion, even if their origins date them on the XII century as towns and even as “settlements” in the Bronze Era. So much History and legacy… falling down and becoming a part entangled by ivy.

Let’s remember it…
This place has shifted and will be no more soon…
But let’s not forget…

Tiermas, Zaragoza, Spain

Tiermas - by Priscilla Hernandez (

All pictures (c) to Priscilla Hernandez. The ones I appear in taken in collaboration with my partner Héctor Corcín.

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