Hirvi and family: befriending a family of Deer

doe young deer - by_ - Priscilla Hernandez.jpg
Are you happy to see me? My deer friends: Hirvi’s daughter all grown up into a beautiful doe

Still not over the flu but after two weeks of coughing and feeling unwell I knew what I needed to recover was to connect back with Nature, hug a tree, smell the damp forest floor. So I have been going out these last few days, but I’ll keep some of the hikes for another post. Grounding in Nature is the best way to heal it, I swear, I felt it clearing my lungs. Yesterday we also hiked and enjoyed the beauty of this moody Autumn season.

So, for the above reason, some days ago  me and Héctor (who seems recovered from the bug) and I went to feed my “deer” friend Hirvi and his family, that we have been befriending for the last year and a half. They all came running to us like puppies as soon as we stirred close their living area. They already know we often come visit with treats. The baby fawn is now all grown up into a beautiful young doe and ate bread for the first time. I swear she was smiling all the time enjoying the new flavours, and so excited about it. Mum doe ate lots of carrots. Proud stag looks like a crowned king with the antlers fully grown, a true Guardian of the Forest

hirvi guardian of the forest - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com) - Priscilla Hernandez.jpg
Hirvi, so majestic, soon to be featured in my forthcoming Christmas Special
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Farewell to Summer at Xorroxin waterfall: Last Summer Days with fellow friends

xorroxin waterfall - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-2 - Priscilla Hernandez.jpg

Above: me wearing my Spanish Luna Moth wings by Xorroxin Waterfall (Navarre, Spain)

Last week my friends Estela and Nalian came to visit and our first hike was to visit this well known waterfall and pond in Navarre, Spain. We parked in a little village called Gorostapolo. The village is very small and there are some days you will have to park in the previous village, Erratzu and walk a mile or two from there. From Gorostapolo is a very short hike of just about a mile through the woods.

Me and fellow adventurers of the day Estela, Naliam and me (instagram usernames in pic)

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