A Forest Incantatation: You are Home

You are Home ( A Forest Incantation)

Finally back in the woods… after almost 3 months we have moved on to phase 2 and finally I’m able to hike again… I’m elated and this is the result of my first visit to the forest. Being indoors has been hard to me but I understand the reason, still now we are finally allowed to hike and visit the orchard and it’s been like the world opening to me. Still keeping social distance and maybe I’ve not been the most active person on internet but been working on many new things that I will be dropping as soon as I finish. I am aware many things may have happened that I’m not even aware of but I hope some of you have missed me posting things πŸ™‚ And to newcomers… well this is Pris! sharing a bit of green magic to you!

First sorry for my absence… do you remember I had posted not long ago I had finally a new computer? One to do videos faster and better… well it’s dead, fried of overvoltage, so having to replace most of it and thus back to my archaic slow computer. I dread to think of expenses in these uncertain times, but sadly yes, I’ll have to invest on a new computer.

Still on happier matters, I managed to actually finish something with my ancient gear πŸ™‚ BEHOLD! lol because you are not aware the amount of patience and constant crashes it took LOL.

It’s called “You are Home” because it’s how I felt… I also sent it in for a contest, but no luck, still it forced me to have it within a deadline

I wanted to share my feeling the first time I was again barefoot in the forest, smelling the “petrichor” (smell of the woods) and being bathed in filtered green light…
The video is divided in two parts first two minutes is the song, then there is a MEDITATION and I will tell you why πŸ™‚

Meditation: And how it’s changed my perception of these strange times

These last few months I’ve been working on fixing my sleeping scheduled, for quite a while I’ve suffered insomnia and a few other issues but I’ve worked hard into creating better habits. One has been waking up early, just sitting under the fig tree in the yard, close my eyes and BREATHE. Inhaling, holding, exhaling…. that little patch of green offered me a tree to sit under and some wild flowers under my feet, and were all the Nature I could enjoy for a long time… still I am deeply grateful for it. But it lasted long enough to become a routine and now I look forward waking up and set the intention of the day that way. Take some time to “BREATHE” people!

Have you taken up a new hobby during lockdown?
I’m painting more again… my hand remains sprained but it hurts less. That and meditating with consistency.


Be grateful for the little things… those little daisies and dandelions… were heralds of a Spring I was missing….
I even composed a Spring song “Longing to bloom” in my yearning to be out, but I haven’t released it yet… I will even if it’s kind of seasonal and missed the deadline but I think its message resonates all year long so hope to have it soon.

But then came the day where we were allowed to go for a walk again (once a day at the beginning, one hour around your house) and then some weeks later a proper visit to the green!

witch  in the woods.jpg

What are the INCANTATIONS?

This belongs to my series “Incantations” music inspired in Nature, this is the first time I went to the woods after lock down. I used Koshi chimes, they are tuned in four different chords according to the four elements, so I found it fitting, we recorded many of the sounds in situ including forest ambiences using a portable zoom, played and sampled hollow trunks as percussion, harmonic flute as distant calls and a few pads at the studio. Nothing else but my vocals to build kind of a meditation.More of my incantations at the playlist “MUSIC IN NATURE”
To watch other in the same “series”

Sure you can recall I usually wear this hat by my friends from El Costurero Real and are “simpler” heartfelt compositions recorded in situ. WE recorded with portable microphones the forest ambience too.


Forest Incantation_small.jpg

Forest sings
Forest calls
Forest heals
Forest knows you’re home

What are Koshi Chimes?


The little wind chimes that I am playing in the video are called “Koshi Chimes” They are tuned in four different chords, all used in the song
I love their minimal finish of the bamboo they and the combination of notes have been divided into the four elements Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Below you can listen to some samples, and also see how the sounds mingle together to render an even more outstanding result. Nothing you need to learn to play them, all you have to do move the chime gently holding it by its cord: the crystalline, relaxing sound may leave you in quiet wonder. Outside, as it plays with the wind it will carry you away on an unexpected melody. I’ve featured mine in a song called “the wind song” and can’T be more fitting, and soothing each one representing an element (Aqua, Ignis, Terra, Aria), and they can all be played at the same time as well, they resonate in harmony. They are a common frequent sound in my songs so now you get to see them in action.

As always find FUFUNCHIS my ratties πŸ™‚

As in every video my ratties are hidden πŸ™‚ and in this case they’re very EASY to be found! πŸ™‚ If you find one (two, or three) tell me in the comments, but don’t spoil the game with the time marks. That’s the Easter Egg in each video, find the ratties!
So are they on a rock, on a tree, on a trunk? are you in for the game again πŸ™‚
Find the ratties!

If you want to get the song you’re welcome

Song is available on BANDCAMP and also FREE for my patreons on tiers 4$ and up



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