Grounding in Nature: Winter mossy woods on a rainy day

Above: Me, Sunday 20th of January 2019. Rainy day, damp floor, crisp air and the greenest moss

The beginning of 2019 came with so many resolutions, I’m struggling to keep up but going at my pace… Nothing is done until it’s done, like one of my forthcoming songs says, so I have set my goals with no deadline, I just follow the task list and cross out a couple of things every day. Most important one is to nurture myself back to full health and for that I have started jogging again, fixing my messed sleep schedule, tidying my working environment and of course the best therapy of all… Nature.

Slender beech trees and damp forest floor damped with almost fluorescent green moss. Sorogain. Navarre (Spain)
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Away Reprise (Duet version) Video and Download

This song is about a longing for freedom  that we learn to find eventually within ouselves. It was written is a little reprise of Away (one of the songs included in my first album Ancient Shadows back in 2006 that you can actually find at my youtube) but this version had different melody and lyrics and was never included in the albums. Lyrics are included at the end of this post. It has only been performed live during concerts usually with Hammered Dulcimer. I recorded a Live unedited version in July 2018 but last December my long time supporter and fellow singer Kenneth Élan aka Greenhearted  from Puerto Rico recorded some harmonies over the live version. He did with permission to be an official release here, on my youtube and patreon .

  • Here you can watch the video
Click Above to watch the video. If you have time, visit my youtube channel and leave us our feedback there or consider to “subscribe” Thank you 🙂
  • Download the mp3 for free from Patreon .  Thank you very much to all my patrons especially those who “fly with me” (tier) Adrian Nunn, Rhianon Hutchinson and Alfredo Armas.


Music and lyrics, lead female vocal, piano, low whistle and recorder by Priscilla Hernandez at

Male vocal harmonies by Kenneth Elan aka. Greenhearted. Please visit his youtube channels Acoustic Dreams and Greenhearted

Above: Puerto Rican singer Kenneth Élan

Away Reprise (Lyrics)

Oh so lost within
and nourished by pain
this tangle of fears
the bars of my cage
And ravened within
this broken bird
is yearning to fly
is yearning to reach the sky
But I’m longing to break
through that silken gossamer veil
gauzy clouds weave
with silver threads
and fly with the winds
that carry me away
Away… Away…
I wish I were safe
back in my shell
far beyond the furthest end
far away….

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Time and Space Reflections Soundtrack (Throwback and freebie)

time and space reflections ost - by priscilla Hernandez (
Me with Alba Garcia’s DVD and promotional booklet for the Short animated movie Time and Space Refletions for which I composer the track

You can download this song for free here:

-Free Download on my patreon (you don’t need to be patron to download it)

-Free download from my official website

And listen in the trailer to it in the trailer of the short movie below:

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An Oak tree Dryad and Guardians of Nature

oak pareidolia
The term Dryad derives from the Greek Drys meaning “Oak” and refers to female tree spirits or Nymphs inhabiting these trees.

I went hiking yesterday (7th of January). I was intending to reach a cave as suitable filming location for a forthcoming videoclip. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to final location but that I enjoyed the walk through the wintry woods and all through the way I found the most singular trees, mostly gnarled oaks

According to Mythology the term “Dryad” comes from “Dryos” meaning Oak or Tree, and this female minor deities were guardians for the forests, groves and trees in general that they would protect fiercely. Those who were linked to a the life of a particular tree (being born and dying when the tree would perish) would be named with the term Hamadryad (from “together” and “tree”) and would have different names depending on the tree to which their existence were tied to. Dryads would have great longevity and would only pass away once the tree they inhabited had died. Fierce protectors and guardians, this wood spirits of shy nature would have shapeshifting powers.

In Roman mythology their counterparts are known as Querquetulanae, or Nymphs of the Oak groves. As we know Quercus is also the Genus the many species of Oak trees belong to, being one of the most popular the European Oak or Quercus Robur  (meaning robust Oak).

Can you spot the Dryad… or the Witch in the woods? This old oak had many faces in fact but one clearly stands out.
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Lost Frontier Christmas Sampler: Full album (Compilation of New Age artists)

Free album download. Lost Frontier Christmas Sampler including my Christmas Carol “In the Bleak Midwinter” as well as other 19 tracks (some original) and all written for this compilation

So here a belated Christmas present that as Three Wise men gift. Like every year Lost Frontier ( a well known New Age podcast in Spain) makes a compilation of exclusive recordings and Winter/Christmas songs absolutely FREE. I participated last year as well and this year I included my version of “In the Bleak Midwinter” but you can download the entire album for free and enjoy also some original soft electronic and New Age compositions by a long time family of New Age composer.  This article also includes the cover, back and inlay so you can print it and have it in your collection but for more information and download visit the official link


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The first day of the year: Hello 2019 from a Mystical Forest

Finding what I’ve lost

As I wrote in my previous entry, I entered this 2019 full of resolutions, but one thing that was clear to me is that I wanted to spend the first day outdoors, grounding, healing and connecting with Nature. And so off we went to look for an item we had lost just a few days prior when we were filming for a forthcoming video, not hoping to find it but enjoying to retrace our trail back. And It was found… which I consider a sign of good luck… Because that is precisely one of feelings I want to cherish… You may think you’ve lost something yet you might not.

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