Away Reprise (Duet version) Video and Download

This song is about a longing for freedom  that we learn to find eventually within ouselves. It was written is a little reprise of Away (one of the songs included in my first album Ancient Shadows back in 2006 that you can actually find at my youtube) but this version had different melody and lyrics and was never included in the albums. Lyrics are included at the end of this post. It has only been performed live during concerts usually with Hammered Dulcimer. I recorded a Live unedited version in July 2018 but last December my long time supporter and fellow singer Kenneth Élan aka Greenhearted  from Puerto Rico recorded some harmonies over the live version. He did with permission to be an official release here, on my youtube and patreon .

  • Here you can watch the video
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  • Download the mp3 for free from Patreon .  Thank you very much to all my patrons especially those who “fly with me” (tier) Adrian Nunn, Rhianon Hutchinson and Alfredo Armas.


Music and lyrics, lead female vocal, piano, low whistle and recorder by Priscilla Hernandez at

Male vocal harmonies by Kenneth Elan aka. Greenhearted. Please visit his youtube channels Acoustic Dreams and Greenhearted

Above: Puerto Rican singer Kenneth Élan

Away Reprise (Lyrics)

Oh so lost within
and nourished by pain
this tangle of fears
the bars of my cage
And ravened within
this broken bird
is yearning to fly
is yearning to reach the sky
But I’m longing to break
through that silken gossamer veil
gauzy clouds weave
with silver threads
and fly with the winds
that carry me away
Away… Away…
I wish I were safe
back in my shell
far beyond the furthest end
far away….

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