Grounding in Nature: Winter mossy woods on a rainy day

Above: Me, Sunday 20th of January 2019. Rainy day, damp floor, crisp air and the greenest moss

The beginning of 2019 came with so many resolutions, I’m struggling to keep up but going at my pace… Nothing is done until it’s done, like one of my forthcoming songs says, so I have set my goals with no deadline, I just follow the task list and cross out a couple of things every day. Most important one is to nurture myself back to full health and for that I have started jogging again, fixing my messed sleep schedule, tidying my working environment and of course the best therapy of all… Nature.

Slender beech trees and damp forest floor damped with almost fluorescent green moss. Sorogain. Navarre (Spain)

So here just sharing a few impressions of today… Sunday 20th of January. It was cold and rainy but that didn’t stop us from going outdoors. I kept recording drafts of new songs while Héctor drove, just humming random things the views inspired. A rainbow seemed to be determining our route, as we decided to venture with no plan, just escaping from the the rain. For today we visited Sorogain forest (Navarre, Spain). The woods were deliciously wet and mossy.

The creek in which I usually take baths in Summer was unruly and tumultuous. The waters that are hyaline and clear in the warmer seasons was murky and riveted with froth. We wondered of the fish, tadpoles and newts that usually inhabit them.

Tumultuous creek

Rainy Day…. Drip Drip Drop! Does rain keep you indoors?

The forest floor and green covered trunks show an striking contrast. Moss was almost “fluorescent green”, so vivid against the fallen leaves. We keep on stumbling upon strangely shaped creatures, like magic being concealed in moss. I usually call them “Mossy” (musgosos) or “Mossy Bears” and I have a large collection of photos I will like compile on one post.

Some of the mossy roots looked like little creatures… I often joke and call them “Mossy Bears” as mossy in Spanish is spelt as “musg-oso”, moss and bear.

Musgoso (Mossy-bear) that looks like a fawn… can you see it?

We followed the trail uphill under the persistent rain and walked until Temperature dropped and hail started to fall… We feared snow might start to fall anytime and block the road, being away from civilization was not a good idea, yet in these cases you never know how fast a snowfall can block your way so we undo our path running!!!! yay! so that counts as jogging training today too, right?

As seasons flow once more it all turns bare and cold but save Green in your Heart (from my song Grow) Moss is one of the ways Green thrives in the bleak naked Winter. An evergreen promise of the life that will flourish soon.

Back in the car we enjoyed some comforting hot tea… and warmed our numb fingers.

And already looking forward to get lost in the woods again.

Me wearing a shirt with my YIDNETH logo. It represents an “Y” and also a woman rising her arms.

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  1. Pris, it’s really good to see you, to hear you’re doing well….
    Very nice pix of a day given to exploring our real homes, the woods, trees and streams…..

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