Nuku Nuku Nurmilintu on “Hearts of Space”

I have always been grateful to “Hearts of Space” for including me in this week show (program 1235) aired 20th December 2019.

You can go and listen to it at Hearts of Space OFFICIAL WEBSITE

Hearts of Space is a show an United States weekly syndicated public radio show featuring music of contemplative nature drawn largely from the ambient, new-age and electronic genres, while also including classical, world, Celtic, experimental, and other genres. Manually curated “slow music for fast times” The show has been running since 1973, produced by Steve Davis and host by Stephen Hill.

I’m honoured to announce my cover of Finn traditional Nuku Nuku Nurmilintu has been included in this week program dedicated to Cradle Songs,timeless lullabies and sacred songs for the holidays.

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Not getting older but “vintage” LOL and hopefully a bit “wiser”

TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!! I have today that plan is really quiet, I have a bottle of cider, a chocolate Santa that a fellow composer sent to me and indulging watching a series while eating popcorn later on.


So here is me ten year apart 🙂 Same girl, same dreams… Lots of things have changed and at the same time, lots of things are the same too.

My birthday present

This year Birthday and Xmas are practical… Editing videos and producing music with my old outdated computer was becoming frustrating as my old battleship started to have failures. So my partner Héctor has gifted me a new graphic card and solid drive. I myself got new memory, and unexpectedly a fellow composer and family sent me a surprise box with the motherboard and cpu I needed for a full update… so as I write this post, and moved by the generosity of people that are not always the closest or the ones you expect… my computer lies now on the floor “a bit naked” haha and hopefully back to functional in a few days.

Package also had a chocolate santa and a Unicorn and a handdrawn unicorn. I also got a card from one of my patrons… and hopefully the following days I’ll place it under my ratty mini Xmas tree…

I don’ t think the Santa is going to make it though…

Anyway I was overwhelmed by this generosity and I was asked by a friend recently… I’m not sure HOW I can help… so I thought about putting a little article together, with the hope for it to be a draft for a video. Because sure you can help me and OTHERS.

10 Ways you can support ME (or an INDEPENDENT ARTIST you like)

Everybody says they love music and art… but are you aware of the difficulties small acts have to face? It is always awkward to ask and if it weren’t my birthday I wouldn’t feel bold enough to write it down. 🙂

Yes, yes, this post seems like a Shameless plug… might look that way! but me, and many fellow artists struggle with many issues you might not be aware and that’s what I intend, spread AWARENESS of our situation in general and this post goes beyond myself as I see how many of us artists struggle to voice out our problems and difficulties loudly. As you should know that streaming services barely pay cents for thousands of plays, and not all of us are influencers or famous youtubers… the vast majority of artists are minnows in a vast ocean, does that sound familiar to you?

So even if my music or art is NOT your cup of tea consider to support other small independent acts you may know in a similar way.

So yes, I’m going to, and I rarely do, tell you how you can help me or others, should anyone care to 🙂
But take this post also as a way to encourage and motivate also other small acts 🙂 So if my art is NOT YOUR thing (which is OK as art relies on different tastes) take into account you can do this for ANOTHER person you know. There are many ways to support an independent artists and most of them does not involve even any money. But we need support to grow, to be encouraged and go on!

1) Please BUY what we sell… Artist struggle in the “All is free on Internet” Streaming era

Many artists are struggling to sell because now almost everything is available immediately on internet or streaming services. It’s happening not only to musicians but also to visual artists.

You can purchase my ALBUMS (yes, some of us still sell those old fashioned physical formats to include art or other goods in it ) or digital downloads from alternatively from legal sources as Bandcamp, Itunes , Amazon Music and many others.

Buy the prints and small originals from illustrators, a book or ebooks and publications from your fellow writers… even if it’s easy to access to free content on internet and even most of us provide ways to offer it for free (through streaming services and such) that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the support.

CREATING requires gear, investment, tools… and many of us end up paying to create what they share virtually for free.

And if those artists perform on concerts, organize conferences, workshops or venues, please also make the effort to attend to them.

My shop is at
There you can buy my illustrated physical music albums, but also some original prints, art, and other merchandising. And of course also my discography in digital format, including singles that are not elsewhere.

You can also buy legal digital downloads from ITUNES and AMAZON MUSIC
You can also buy from BANDCAMP (still limited catalogue there)

2) Become a Patron

As I have stated before we live times where music and art can be found easily on streaming platforms and thus the artist is not remunerated fairly… did you know you need . Did you know that spotify roughly pay $0.0075 per play. And then there are the digital distributors fee… in other words… You earn selling two cds to your friends than with 10000 plays on spotify. That is why some other options are surfacing as PATREON, a website/blog where the artist offer exclusive content or supporters simply sign to provide a fee a month to support their favourite artists in order to keep on creating.

You can join my patreon here from 1 dollar a month

Other options are direct donations or support on crowdfunding campaigns.

3) STREAM only from legal sources

You can stream my music from legal source like Spotify or Amazon Music. There are other sites like Bandcamp that both allow streaming and purchase.
Yes they pay little but at least those stats help to open doors. If you find someones’s music on a random video, maybe track down to the artist page, to their official spotify, youtube or page. And avoid torrents and “fans” offering the torrents because they “like” those artists. THAT does not help.

My spotify profile is
Give me a few spins or add me to your playlists… all is welcomed!

4) Follow, subscribe, join the OFFICIAL Artist profiles on networks.

You can add me to your social networks Priscilla Hernandez is my facebook page, on youtube, instagram, twitter my user name is my nickname and trademark “yidneth”. Take into account that small artists are usually not verified by facebook or twitter until we grow becasuse literally “we are still not significant enough” that is literally the response. The only way we can claim that or they start to see us is that we grow our numbers. Not only that by feedbacking, commending and interacting you’re keeping the artist motivated to keep on creating.



You can share my work with your friends, spread the word, share the videos. Tag me and be my team to reach! Here and in many networks you can tag @yidneth
Most of us hate to self-promote, and that’s where we get our motivation in having our faithful supporters sharing our videos on their groups, reddit, and social networks. Spread the word!.
Do not download and reupload without tags… I had myself a hideous experience of a stolen video, decropped of credit and going viral… Tag the artist page, CREDIT, and share
Here is one of my videos, but it could be as well ANY… if you like

On facebook and ig they allow you to tag your stories with artists music, that way it also count in their numbers.


You can leave feedback and encouragement, believe it reaches me and it motivates me, and believe it is needed as I have also my times of doubt. Tell me you like it and you care about it! A heartfelt comment and review can make my day. Start leaving a simple comment in this very post 🙂
Also take into account of leaving a good review on facebook, google, amazon and other sites where rating the artist or service they provide is allowed.

7) RECOMMEND your favourite small acts festivals and venues and asks for their music on radio stations.


You can write a blog post, article, interview, review or feature in your website or blog. Most big magazines actually ask small acts for a fee to be interviewed, but you can offer your space and review. Do you like an artist? let others know!


This is happening on so many levels, stolen videos from musicians, people resharing without credit, people monetizing the creations of others, people offering the free downloads on torrent sites… But also large scale chinese stores selling copycats of your creations with your own photos. This has happened to some of my fellow clothing designers mostly and it’s in fact a scam that damages the artist image as chinese replicas use their picture so sell a low quality knock off. So it does not happen only in music or books it happens to multiple disciplines. Whenever a small artist starts to have a little bit of success there will be “scavengers” around to see what they can get, copy or steal. And it’s sad but it makes you be cautious. So on a daily basis you see a photography, a video, things shared anonymously on facebook groups because it’s a share of a share of a share… sometimes altered until the artist cannot even be tracked back anymore. If you RECOGNIZE THE ARTIST, mention so it can be properly tagged.

I had one particular video stolen from my youtube circulating in VIRAL numbers on facebook groups, not only they cut my credits at the end, some groups even watermarked my video with their services. Despite having humble numbers on my youtube, the video went viral on facebook with several millions plays with no credit. It brought eventually some income of listeners but how much better it would have been to feel that push on an official source. More even it was really stressful to deal sometimes.

Above: My original video “Over the clouds” just in case you ever see it without my name 😉


Endorse small artists with your products… Are you a company that makes instruments, software, art materials, music gear, drawing tablets… whatever the product there may be a fellow that could make use of it. I have been lucky and my harp as well as some other instruments and even clothing have been endorsed as support. This is different from being an “influencer” these are small companies that really trust in what you do.

My kantele as many of my other instruments have been endorsed.

But you don’t have to be a company, you can donate your unused gear, materials, music instruments in order not only to keep a cleaner planet but help a fellow friend. Do you paint and have an old tablet you don’t use, hand it to a fellow beginner artist… your old student clarinet to someone interested in learning… It’s all about giving… Sometimes I’ve even received things I’m sure others cherished but thought I’d put to better use…
Sometimes it’s about giving

but most of times is about CARING…!

So thanks everyone for your support! And feel free to become my little street team and make someone else to know about what I do… but also take it as an idea to support those fellow artists, because YOU COULD BE key in them continuing create and share.

Now that year ends and we’re all in a bit of Xmassy Spirit! Remember to be generous… which MOST OF THE TIME doesn’t even involve any money… just ENCOURAGEMENT!

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I always remember my song GROW…. we must grow when the time is right…and even the tallest trees become from tiny seeds… it just needs patience, time, endurance and of course NOURISHMENT! Thank you all!

Blessings! And THANK YOU 🙂

Priscilla Hernandez
singer-songwriter & illustrator

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Nuku Nuku Nurmilintu: Ancient Finnish Lullaby. Reimagining old traditional folk songs.

Here I am again with a NEW MUSIC VIDEO!… It didn’t take months this time but because I had been working on it 😉
I’m just a few days away of my birthday (next Monday) so I want to say thanks to Héctor Corcín for getting me a new graphic card so I can edit videos faster 🙂 Also for his help in every single video of course :). This year self-gifts are going to be practical, just gear upgrades to create a bit more smoothly.
No plan for my birthday…. maybe just go somewhere to hug a tree! Usual Pris plan 🙂

Here is a very old Finnish traditional folk song called “Nuku Nuku Nurmilintu” our first Winter / Yule Special. The recording is very minimal, using only voice, harmonies, low whistle and kantele (National Finn music instrument) as the lead.
I tried my best to pronounce well the words but I’m not native so my apologies if pronunciation is not 100% accurate. 🙂
Song is a lullaby about a wagtail (Motacilla alba).

Easter Eggs : How many times does the White Wagtail appear in the video? Can you find the ratties?

Can you count how many scenes the bird appear in? Also as always a second eater egg is that as usual I hide (one or more) ratties in the video :). If you know my feed you know I always hide my “fufunchis”

Did you know? My fufunchis had all Finn names Tuula, Ritva and Taika 🙂 They’re all 3 in the video. Let’s see who can spot them!


How can you support?

Of course, show your feedback here, resteem and encourage
If you have a second to visit the youtube channel and drop a comment there too I’m really grateful.

For those wanting to purchase the download from Bandcamp

And to keep me
Support at Patreon

Lyrics: Sleep Sleep little meadow bird (Finnish)

Nuku Nuku Nurmilintu (2).jpg

Nuku, nuku nurmilintu,
Väsy, väsy, västäräkki
Nuku nurmelle hyvälle
Vaivu maalle valkialle.
Lintu tuopi liinahapaijan
Haapana hyvän hamehen
Kaskeloinen korvatyynyn
Pääskynen peäalusen
Nuku, nuku nurmilintu
Väsy, väsy, västäräkki
Nuku nurmelle hyvälle
Vaivu maalle valkialle.

English Translation (Maybe still not accurate)


Sleep, sleep meadow bird,
Tired, tired, wagtail.
Sleep well in the grass,
Drift into the white land
Birds will bring you a linen shirt,
The wigeon will bring you a fine skirt.
The duck a little pillow to rest your head
The swallows, a cushion.
Sleep, sleep meadow bird,
Tired, tired, wagtail.
Sleep well in the grass,
Drift into the white land.

Pd. I merged several translations and used google translate. If you are native from Finland and want to propose any change please contact me 🙂

Making Of / Behind the Scenes

Nuku Nuku Nurmilintu (3).jpg

Above: One behind the scenes photography while scouting locations. Both my dress and cloak are made by El Costurero Real, who happened to be visiting while we filmed this video.
My friend Alassie, Victor and Carlos came to see “Autumn” in my region but we stumbled upon Snow, Rain, Sleet, Mist… and I must stay they endured it all like Champions 🙂

Nuku Nuku Nurmilintu (1).jpg

We filmed some scenes with the cloak but it was heavy wool and it was raining a LOT even if it’s not shown clearly in the video, so soon it would become wet and heavy. Thus I opted for the dress only, and yes it was chilly, sleet falling and at least I had a flask of hot tea waiting, you know I don’t shy from the cold for a video or photoshoot 🙂


I love those moments in between seasons… Honestly I’m not even ready to farewell Autumn… but the first snow is always a magical feeling. The combination of golden and white and greens was such an interesting tapestry. It’s incredible to think this is the same location (of out of many) I used for GROW. That was filmed in Spring and Summer

The kantele: A traditional Finnish Instrument


It was all right to endure the weather but honestly I was more worried about my Kantele, which is by the way National Finland Music Instrument getting wet. The one I play is a 10 string kantele made by my friend Gerry Henkel, I play it unconventionally upside down as I’m self taught.

kantele - by Priscilla Hernandez (

The kantele is the Finnish version of an instrument known throughout the world as either a zither or lap harp.

The Finnish kantele triangular shaped sound box with strings running across the top of the instrument. When the strings – usually tuned to a diatonic scale – are plucked, a kantele will produce ringing bell-like tones. It is similar to a harp in some ways, but because of the way in which it is built and the way in which the strings are attached, a compelling and unique sound is produced as it is played. Heavenly bells…

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Héctor Corcín @hedac who helped me filming an in the post-production of the video. Filmed in Urbasa Beechwoods, November 2019

Also thanks to El Costurero Real who makes the dress and cloak I’m wearing

Additional “Motacilla Alba” bird footage with permission and courtesy of “To Wildlife Film” so I could composite it in (thank you! :)) Here their channel
Kantele made by Gerry Henkel
All arrangements in this version by Priscilla Hernandez. ( All Rights Reserved

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Priscilla Hernandez
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