Faerieworlds 2020 LIVE FROM HOME

I’ll be part of Faerieworlds 2020 Live from Home

So this is happening, the magic thrives despite the Coronavirus Crisis… returning to the Fae tribe for this magical event among friends, all live from our homes. Profits from the tickets will go to the conservation of Nature, though you can donate to a particular artist when you purchase at ticket and there’ll be a donate button also for the performers during the performances, we do with no budget, all profits from the tickets go to Mother Nature but it’s up to the ticket holders to also donate a little part for the contributing artists.

Still the thrill is for me to be with my two FAIRY SISTERS  Rosa Mundi (Kelly Miller Lopez from Woodland) and Louisa John Krol as we are three sisters scattered in the globe (USA, Australia, Spain) and still the closest friends

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Even has the Frouds family as guests (creators and designers of Labyrinth and Dark Crystal puppets and creatures) and fellow band and friends from Faun, Abney Park, Stellamara, Woodland, Beats Antique, Wendy Rule and many more!

My first time at Faerieworlds (2008) and me with me Kelly, friends for live since, my dear sister.

We had an accident on our return from USA and we were robbed all our gear but the fae tribe worked to restore it and helped us to get us back on our feet, a help never forgotten. They did on their own accord and by surprise. 

Priscilla Hernandez at Faerieworlds

Another impression from Faerieworlds performances in which I also collaborated as guest of Woodland band

Back in 2008 I was on Faerieworlds (Oregon) for the first time opening for both Woodland and Qntal on the good Faery and Bad Faery Night. It was the time of my life where some everlasting friendships were wove, a family that stays strong and together still. Since then I was on Faeriecon several times (Philadelphia, Baltimore) a few times, last time in 2016 for the 30th anniversary of the movie “Labyrinth”

Me with Kelly (Rosa Mundi) at Faeriecon Philadelphia 

What if we rise from the Underliving: Melissa Irwin as “the creature”

2011: Melissa Irwin performing as one of the Underlivings (a videoclip  with her is still in the making but was put on hold for “Fear no More” intro “The Longing) This was The Underliving Premiere (Baltimore)

30th anniversary of Labyrinth movie with the Frouds

 The last time we gathered, Faeriecon 2016, 30th anniversary of Labyrinth . Top right with Charles Vess (Stardust), Renae Taylor, bottom center with the Frouds, bottom right with Jim Henson’s daughter.

And I know I’ve met some of you patrons in these events, share your impressions an d stories, it will be such a lovely reminder and memory for me… Cya later this month at this online event


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