Winter Solstice Concert and Merry Yule!

Concierto de Priscilla Hernandez (Ultzama)
Promotional Flyer / Poster of Yuletide Concert by Priscilla Hernandez, 22nd December (Lizaso, Navarra)

Merry Yule! Winter Solstice is the longest Night of the year but also the rebirth of light… all days will be longer now on. Thus we celebrate the Solstice with a live performance at “Granja Escuela Ultzama” (Lizaso, Navarra). I will perform along with my partner Héctor Corcín and with I will also bring my fellow fairy friend María (Nekara) as assistant to weave all the magic. The concert is entitled “The Magic of Winter” and includes my original songs as well as some of my Christmas Specials, including “In the Bleak Midwinter” that I have recorded for the current season.

I have created also a youtube playlist with all the Christmas songs recorded so far:

Merry Yule!

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Winter Night and The Snow Bride Fairy tale

Cover of the Single “Winter Night”

I am a December Child, it was my birthday yesterday 16th of December so here older and wiser with another Winter/Yule/Christmassy post… this time inspired by the Fairytale “The Snowbride” and the ethereal beauty of frost and snow… This one is a throwback and was released back in 2016 (I make a little winter special every year) and because Midwinter is just a few days away stay tuned because there is a brand new one that will premier next Friday Winter Solstice.

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The Origins of Christmas trees and Xmas Worship + a Sad Fairy Christmas Fairytale

yule fairy - by priscilla Hernandez (

As I told in my previous post some of the posts I will share in December are going to have a very Christmas or Yuletide (Winter) vibe. I am myself a December child as I was born mid December, so for me it’s a very special time of the year, a time of new resolutions.

I write this article to draft a glimpse of the background story behind this tradition of using “Evergreen” during the closing of the year, Winter or Yule. But also I take the chance to say how sad is that millions of trees are chopped just for the sake of this tradition. If you must use a real tree, please consider to buy it in a pot instead of chopped off, even deprived of light it might make it if you plant it again after the festivities are over.

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Shchedryk (Carol of the Bells) my version and origins of this Yule Song

Watch video below, mp3 available for FREE at my PATREON

The music of this famous Christmas carol as we know it today was first published in 1916 by Ukrainian composer, teacher and choral conductor Leontovych and was heavily inspired in pre-Christian folk chants and much older arrangements. The original song, known as Schchedryk sings about a bird foretelling wealth after Winter. And it had nothing to do with bells 😉 The song was later adapted into English as most know it.

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