Winter Solstice Concert and Merry Yule!

Concierto de Priscilla Hernandez (Ultzama)
Promotional Flyer / Poster of Yuletide Concert by Priscilla Hernandez, 22nd December (Lizaso, Navarra)

Merry Yule! Winter Solstice is the longest Night of the year but also the rebirth of light… all days will be longer now on. Thus we celebrate the Solstice with a live performance at “Granja Escuela Ultzama” (Lizaso, Navarra). I will perform along with my partner Héctor Corcín and with I will also bring my fellow fairy friend María (Nekara) as assistant to weave all the magic. The concert is entitled “The Magic of Winter” and includes my original songs as well as some of my Christmas Specials, including “In the Bleak Midwinter” that I have recorded for the current season.

I have created also a youtube playlist with all the Christmas songs recorded so far:

Merry Yule!

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