World Oceans Day: A siren’s laments for the Big Blue

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Me at Hendaye (France)

Earth is a “blue” planet because most of its surface (70%) is covered by Ocean. 97% of the water in our planet is stored in them. Water is life, or so they say. And it’s true Life was born here and is possible due to their existence. Topographically, we know more about the moon than we do about Earth, who knows what great wonders can the oceans still hold?

8th June is Wold Oceans Day

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First proposed by the United Nations in Rio de Janeiro (1992), this is now an international celebration of Oceans beauty, biodiversity and ecosystems. Let us also take the chance to rise once more our voice for awareness.

Just a couple of days ago I posted about World Environment Day… well today is World Oceans Day.

Oceans are the reservoir of most of the water on the planet and provides most of its oxygen as well. All over the world there are events to celebrate this global event. Clean up parties are held in beaches and shallow waters. Exhibitions are

They are the lungs of our planet, providing most of the oxygen we breathe. The cradle of life so this is the date to celebrate together the beauty, the wealth and the promise of the ocean.

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Climate, Plastic, Chemicals… Future is grim but we can help

We must not forget how fragile balance is.

We must not forget either how climate change has taken a toll on the Oceans.
Right now The Arctic is heating up twice as fast as the global average, the ice caps are melting and altering sea level and currents on which so many animals depend.

To make things worse, the plastic and garbage we have been poisoning the oceans with, have gathered in massive patches. And not only it tangles and strangle animals, it also decomposes into smaller particles that are ingested by fish and up into the food change. Those microparticles of plastic are poisoning the milk of cetaceans killing their calves and are proved to end up back in humans that eat fish causing cancer and hormonal disorders

Even if we stopped throwing plastic, the current plastics will poison sea waters for many generations.

As I said a few days ago in World Environment Day… we only have one planet and it’s our compromise to take care of it. But as with everything in life there is a need of COMMITMENT.

Did you know that some sunscreen creams have chemicals that are being washed into the sea and killing Coral Reefs?

We must pay attention to things… small changes can make big differences.

Oceans and the biodiversity that they cradle are critical for our survival. Let us pay a look to our neighbour planet Mars, a lifeless desert that once held water. Let us a second to remember how fortunate we are.

Do not buy cosmetics or souvenirs using animal products from threatened species. No to cosmetics with shark squallene, no to coral accessories. If you eat fish, make sure they’re not endangered species or that the fishing of those seafood is not causing harm to endangered species.

The miracle of life… was born in the sea

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And Summer is almost here… we are longing to go to the beach

or you’ll hear a siren’s lament cursing you ! la la la! 🙂

I grew on an oceanic island

I was born in La Palma (Canary Islands). So I grew by the sea. From my window I could see the Atlantic Ocean every day. My father was the Captain of a small fishing boat (though I’m vegetarian since early age) but I got to live close to the sea due to that. Now I live in the North of Spain, and the blue is one hour drive from where I live, close enough for a visit, when my feet are dry sometimes I need to soak them in those salted waters. :). If you ever lived by the sea, you know how you can miss that smell.

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