Happy New Year. Welcome 2019. My resolutions

Caressing the Sun. Hello 2019
Hello 2019

Happy New Year. Wishing all my fellow friends a lovely closing of the year, and the will and determination you may need to succeed in your resolutions. I am going to share mine in this post.The Wheel of the year starts again.. A fresh start..

If you fail the first time you can always try again

I am writing this as a free write because one of the things I’d like to change is not to overthink things so much. Sometimes I’m a perfectionist and that makes that I don’t finish things, or that I don’t share them at all… some works have been forever “being completed”. I want to be more spontaneous and share more “works in progress”. There is always time for “polishing”

My main goals


My main goal is to organize myself and my time better. To put order in my life, to create a tidy mental and physical environment to turn inspiration into finished works. To turn ideas into facts…

Healing and renewal

To continue my healing journey, sleep better and breath deeper. To learn to fear no more and keep anxiety at bay. To be brave. I will conquer obstacles. I will stop making excuses and self boycott myself out of fear. I will move on forward

Fear No More

To change what is needed to be changed while remaining true and honest with myself.I will continue to weave thoughts into words, words into poems, poems into songs.
I will nourish my creativity. I will let it grow. I will not keep it caged.
I will not comply with conformity. I will walk my own path.

I want to learn new things too.I also want to become aware that my dream is worth fighting for, but understanding I must work even harder to build a real and solid foundation.

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. C.S. Lewis

I will seek happiness

Keeping track of my progress

I bought a little agenda earlier today… Just a simple small notebook to carry inside my bag, so I can plot and brainstorm and write notes on it.

This is the beginning. Tomorrow I wake up to a blank page. A world of new possibilities if I work on them. I like that.

Thoughts, plans, ideas…
I will write it down

Light in the Forest
Let the Light in

I want to feel my days with experiences

I want to finish long time pending things

Just live each day, no time is wasted time

Happy 2019

Forest, sunset
Picture I took from my phone while hiking 30/12/2017

And now off to bed as I am waking up early to go outdoors into Nature… To start the new year grounding and healing

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2 Replies to “Happy New Year. Welcome 2019. My resolutions”

  1. I bought an agenda for this year too. Trying to keep in habit of using it daily so I decided to leave it open on my kitchen counter so that it’s in my face and I don’t forget!

    1. Yes, I try to keep it in my purse so it’s with me at all times or it will end like the one the year before inside a drawer… Been tidying up a lot slowly. I’m a bit hectic that I’m not recording or drawing these days but I think it will do good to spend these first few weeks organizing everything massively so then it becomes easier to work. Good luck in your resolutions!

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