Leaves Never Settle In the Wind: Celtic Seasonal Autumn Song (Video, Making of and more…)

New original Celtic song inspired by Autumn that belongs to the series “Incantations”. Autumn is one of the most romantic seasons… the colours, the misty mornings, the productive working days indoors, sipping hot tea while it rains outside… It has always moved and inspired me. What’s your favourite thing of Autumn?

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Above: new music video click play to listen while you read 🙂

I know I post only scarcely lately but these take me long time, more now that my computer is so outdated, so I literally took almost a month since last video (last post) to get this done! 🙂

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I have been quiet but working on several things at the same time 🙂 and here is the first treat 🙂 for you!
This is a new song inspired by Autumn and the Fall Season.
Music, lyrics and and all instruments by myself except for percussion by Héctor Corcín

One of my most popular songs is “I steal the leaves” with a marked seasonal tone, but this is a new one, talking about leaves that refuse to settle and take flight swirling in the wind. If you don’t remember that song you can visit that other old steemit post ah

But this is a new original one “Leaves Never settle in the Wind” and It belongs to the series “Incantations”. (check tag “incantations” to see the previous ones). Incantations are a series of simpler songs, most of them with their melodies inspired in and by Nature. This is the most complex so far as it’s the first one having lyrics in English.

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There’s a world in between
but to find the way in
First, you must learn to see
how light gather in beams
shadows stir and then shift
revealing what’s unseen

And in my slumber dreams
come rushing in
the veil is tearing at the seams
and rising from the floor in endless spin
Leaves that never settle in the wind

And all those leaves keep on swirling around
suspended by a cobweb string
You know you’ll never fall back to the ground
leaves will never settle in the wind

Then you see that sheer gleam
cast by all living things
that to your soul are bound
And your worries flow downstream
and the air is full of wings
that beat without a sound

And all those leaves keep on swirling around
their journey is about to begin
You know you’ll never fall back to the ground
Leaves will never settle in the Wind

Making Of

ferns incantation - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-3.jpg
Leaves never settle in the Wind_GIF_00003540.gif

This video was filmed this Fall in North of Spain, Navarre. We chose two locations “Quinto Real” and “Irañenta” (a very famous location to collect chestnuts a typical autumnal activity, yet we returned with none 🙂 too busy filming) There is also a third scene (silhouette) in Monte del Perdón trying to emulate the first “Incantation” Over the Clouds. This is the fourth in a series, the first of them became viral on facebook but unfortunately it was “stolen and decropped of credit” still instead of getting discouraged and I kept on making these through the seasons and now there are quite a few 🙂 i will post them all along together and share my story about the first going viral uncredited, but that for another article.

Also thank you very much to Héctor for helping me composite the leaves, that I collected myself into the video. I have to say this one took long and it’s been a work of patience. My computer is outdated and it’s obvious I need a new graphic card to continue rendering videos of this kind…
Said that grateful to everyone supporting my work 🙂
Autumn is as I say one of my favourite seasons, maybe the most romantic of all and I enjoy the outdoors this time of the year. I’ve not been much out so often lately but all these were filmed some weeks ago.

Can you find the rat? And other animal encounters!

ritva fufunchi rat - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

As always there is one or more hidden rats#fufunchis in my videos… some of you have spotted sometimes, of course this video is not different 🙂 So if you find it post a comment but not the time signature so others can play.

Did you spot Ritva in the video? Have you ever found rats in previous posts? Just a reminder there are hidden ratties in most of my videos hahah It’s kind of a “challenge”

There is a small cameo of my friend “Hirvi” the Deer too including a super close up to his eye (he allowed me)

hirvi deer - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

Third collaboration of Hirvi in one of my videos (previously in Grow and In the Bleak Midwinter) what a Dear deer Starlet!

How can you support?

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Of course first of all dropping your feedback here, resteeming and upvoting. If you can please also visit the youtube video and drop a comment I really appreciate it.

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Many brown layers to match the season colors! But I wanted to say highlight and say thanks to:

folkowlbag (1).jpg

Many thanks to El Costurero Real for my wizard hat that I’ve used in this and previous “Incantations”. The hat as been a constant in all Incantations that have been recorded through the seasons

folkowlbag (2).jpg

Also to Folk Owl for the lovely felt autumn bag you can see in some scenes of the video
And to Enchanted leaves for my acorn leaf pendant

Over the Clouds-   I - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-2.jpg

Note: In all “Incantations” I’m wearing a Wizard hat and playing an Irish tin whistle. To watch the previous ones I created a Playlist called “Music in Nature”

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