A Return to the Big blue: Visiting the Flysch and Cliffs of Guipuzcoa

Some impressions of my recent trip to the sea and a moody poem inspired by the Ocean.

Return to the sea

I was born in an oceanic island, La Palma (Canary Islands) but I live now inland… Still I miss the ocean so much… It has taken me one year though to return to salty waters… The foam and spray helped me so much. This beach is Zumaia one of famous “Game of Thrones” locations. Sea water is warmer than the usual river ponds were I bathe now. As I explained some posts before this Summer has been a “challenge” for me and it’s been kind of a healing journey.

Goddess of the Sea - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-8.jpg

Amphitrite was the wife of Poseidon, Greek God of the seas… one of the many Nereids (Ocean Nymphs). Are there legends of water spirits in your area?

Goddess of the Sea - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

Venus, representation of “Womanhood” was also born from Sea foam

Goddess of the Sea - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

The first book I ever read was a compilation of Hans Christian Andersen tales including The Little Mermaid I always found tragic how she ended up becoming sea foam, but it was also a tale of transformation

I spent hours and hours last Tuesday… absolutely mesmerized as the low tide grew back in and covered all the exposed Flysch (a special geological formation). We stayed until sunset, when the seagulls joined the moody skies to greet us.

Goddess of the Sea - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-2.jpg

The Sentinel (Poem)

So here I little poem I wrote

When the winding path leads my weary feet back to the shore
and the tidal waves are lifting as they make the oceans roar
as they lash against the rocks
and the seagulls are squalling over my head
against clouds moving swiftly
Then If you ask me to ride on the foamy edge
and get caught in the undertow
I will carry with me your unspoken vows
and dive to hide them deep
fathoms below

So that was all for today…


Goddess of the Sea - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-3.jpg


All pictures of me by my partner Héctor Corcín

Additional pictures of this set exclusively on PATREON.COM/YIDNETH

And now ready to face what’s coming…

Goddess of the Sea - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-2.jpg

Location: Zumaia Flysch

Finally here a mosaic of impressions of that day where you can appreciate the amazing geological formations in the Guipuzcoan Coast that lead down into the sea, formed through the erosive action of water and movements of land over the course of 50 million years, in fact they include fossil evidence of the massive extinction of the dinosaurs due to a meteorite. These whimsical have always been of interest to geologists on account of their fossil remains. The cliffs are impressive and the Flysch is only exposed at low tide so you must plan your visit accordingly not to be trapped by the tides. Overall an amazing day.

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Nothing is Done until It’s Done: New Single! A song NOT to live in denial

The song has some fierce and ominous points but also airy ethereal hopeful soaring parts, It will be a bit different than my usual as it was also born from a time of “turmoil” but also taking action into that 🙂 You know… nothing is done until it’s done

Today 1st of September this new song premiers on all digital outlets (Spotify, Itunes, and more!) Please, share it and add it to your playlists. Please spread your word.

What is this song about? It may be different for everyone… Please do tell me what the words mean for you!

It could be of course a song against Global Warming and protection of our Mother Earth, but also it could be a song about our fears and anxieties and how we must control them and get untangled from all the doubts of “denial” in a broad way… Things that we should change and we leave for later until they take hold of us in a loom…

Let these words be your waking call..

Let’s unravel not to live in denial… What do you think it should be done before it’s too late?
Tell me in the comments

Nothing is done until it’s done… Act before it’s late


Feel like your spirit grows stronger
Though its challenge has only begun
There’s anything it can’t conquer
When the weights of the doubts are all gone
And defiant it won’t weep in silence
When it feels cause is fair to be won
It’s standing firm in sheer defiance
Because nothing is done until it’s done

We might be running out of time
Because nothing is done until it’s done

Shadows may gather in darkness
Neath the weight of impending gloom
We can’t get rid of this madness
Because we got tangled in its loom
Are the circles becoming spirals?
We’re the thread and the web’s been spun
Let’s unravel not to live in denial
Because nothing is done until it’s done

We might be running out of time
Because nothing is done until it’s done
We might be running out of time
And the time has come around
And nothing is done until it’s done

Let these words be your waking call
(The stronger we push, the faster we fall)
We might be running out of time
Because nothing is done until it’s done
Because nothing is done until it’s done
Let these words be your waking call

We might be running out of time
Nothing is done until it’s done

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A tribute to THE DARK CRYSTAL: Gelfling Song (Voice, double Ocarina) and excited about Age of Resistance TV series.

The Dark Crystal (1982) is my favourite movie and soundtrack of all time. Directed by Jim Henson and Frank Oz, this movie was pure magic! I am now a musician and I am forever grateful to the magic JIM HENSON created for the children of my generation. This is a fan tribute, a cover of cover of “Gelfling Song” from THE DARK CRYSTAL original movie score performed by myself singing and with a double Ocarina. We also recorded all the critters and audio sound FX ourselves. Recorded in Navarre, Summer 2019.

One of my biggest influences as an artist

As some of you know, I’m currently a fantasy artist, I compose music and also do fantasy illustrations. One of my major influences was this movie, when I was barely a child. For me it was always the most magical movie, where there were no humans but just otherwordly amazing little creatures. The music composed by Trevor Jones was a mix of folk and epic symphonic soaring the motifs that were with me as I grew up. I had the vinyl which remains for me “my desert island” album.

Priscilla Hernandez Dark Crystal - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

I grew up being a fan of all things Henson, from The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, Fraggle Rock, Storyteller, The Muppets… He infused my childhood with magic and wisdom and a wish to be a better person, and a creative one. Still among all his works, this was my favourite, because the meaning is deep and rooted even deeper in my mind. We are light and darkness, and we must seek BALANCE.

Watch out for each other. Love everyone and forgive everyone, including yourself. Forgive your anger. Forgive your guilt. Your shame. Your sadness. Embrace and open up your love, your joy, your truth, and most especially your heart. - Jim Henson

Learn to love your shadows

I kissed an skeksis.jpg

Above: Me with an “Skeksis” because they’re not all that bad you know

The movie involves a crystal cracking and two races appearing, cruel Skeksis represents our sins and vices, gentle Mystics or UrRu represents peacefulness and crafts but are also a bit alienated from the world. The whole movie revolves about “healing” the Dark Crystal which results in the need of “merging” them into a balanced Primeval Race again the Ur-Skeks

Priscilla Hernandez Dark Crystal - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-2.jpg

Of course I have some pieces of memorabilia :). Above me with Gelflings Jen and Kira dolls.

Among lots of memorabilia and merchandising hahah 🙂

I had a dog Fizzgig and a dog called Kira… that pretty sums it up 🙂

Netflix will release a prequel Series next 30th of August

I’m so excited!!!

Age of Resistance is a series based in this movie that will premiere later this month. For me it’s exciting because many people from the new generations will re-discover the magic of the old film. I have many friends involved artistically in it including the Frouds who were the original designers of the movie. I’ve had the honour to meet them as guests of many conventions we’ve both attended and in fact I have performed The Dark Crystal snippets for them when they attended some of my concerts. They designed the puppets and overall look of the original movie and they’re on board for the series so I trust it’s gonna be AWESOME!

Are you excited about the prequel series reboot? I hope many rediscover the magic of the original movie too. If you haven’t watched it I urged you to do and check the making of. It was an amazing effort at the time it was made all with practical FX.

If you haven’t watched this movie I urge you to investigate about it, overall as I mentioned earlier on it is a story of BALANCE.


Filming locations

The video is entirely filmed in Navarre (Spain) most of it barely some weeks ago 🙂
Most of the video was filmed in a very secret pond I often visit. It’s hidden in the middle of the woods and despite what it looks deep enough for a comforting swim. Additional scenes were filmed in other more stagnant waters to mimic the original “swamp” vibe from the original movie. We visited some more stagnant ponds and swamps for the matter for some additional takes and sounds.

my secret pond - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

I tried to included close ups of different creatures, because even if they are “earthy” if you look very closely some creatures look otherwordly… you all reemember “Kokeneli” and that I had a pet isopod right?


Recording the audio


Above: Backing vocals by the creatures of the pond

All the Nature Sound FX were also recorded using a portable Zoom microphone and that included general pond ambience, water gurgling, frogs and crickets. We (@hedac and I) layered all the sounds to create a “swamp” sonic soundscape similar to the one featured in the original movie. It was one of the funniest parts of the making of.

I tried to sing in a way my voice would recall a little bit to Kira’s intonation in the original.

In the original movie the song is performed by two Gelflings, Jen playing a double flute or “aulos” and Kira singing.

double ocarina.jpg

Above: Double Ocarina with my “yidneth” logo engraved

Cosplay : Recreating a Gelfling Look

Priscilla Hernandez Kira Dark Crystal Gelfling - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

I had previously recorded a cover from this very movie “Jen Play his pipes” so this is my second tribute to this (my favourite) movie. This time though I tried to evoke the looks.

The wings were a courtesy from my friends at El Costurero Real, they are based on Cicada wings which are similar to the ones Gelfling girls have. I also thank Folk Owl for the green capelet. The rest of the look was layering greens and using and styling a wig with bangs and braids.

Easter Eggs : Find “Fizzgig” and the “fufunchi”

As in almost every video I do there is a rat or “fufunchi” hidden. Even if my “fufunchis” have been gone a while I still composite them into the videos (so they’re still with me) and it has become kind of an “Easter Egg”. Let’s see if someone can spot her. :). You can find a ratty also in other videos like Flame, A Blooming Heart, Haunted, Ethereal among others.
Dare to find Tuula in the video?

No matter what they say - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

The second Easter Egg I’m gonna give it away, you can spot “Fizzgig” among the other creatures 🙂


I had already recorded another cover of The Dark Crystal some years ago (another theme though)

This is NOT the first but the second cover I do for this movie, many years ago I had already covered “Jen Play his Pipes” also from the original movie score, that time recorded live at the Bodmin Forests (UK)

Above: Older cover from another Dark Crystal theme “Jen Play his Pipes”

Final Notes

I know this last month I have not been much around but all August I’m embarked on a self-care month. It has been pretty rough lately, mostly struggling to sleep and low spirits, but thanks to whoever enquired, I’ve not left, 🙂 even if I post little I try to check in and I take FOREVER to make these but be sure you’ll be updated of my music releases as always 🙂 I have started meditation and muscular relaxation and I’ll do a workshop that takes the whole month, but starting to feel results. Trying to get better in many different levels. 🙂 So a bit off the loop but “not gone” 🙂 still thanks to whoever was concerned and reached out.

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World Environment Day 2019 (Beat Air Pollution) and Mother Earth Photoshoot.

Mother Earth (6).jpg
Above: Me trying to embody Mother Earth in one of my favourite spots.Urbasa Forest (Navarra)

Today 5th of June is World Environment Day (WED) was first established by the United Nations in 1972 and celebrated since 1974 every year to create awareness and encourage people to take actions for the protection of our planet to reduce our carbon footprint and do something for our beloved planet. It’s a date that should be marked in the calendar but what it means should resonate the rest of the days of the year, every day.

Mother Earth (7).jpg

Learning to be part of Nature

Every year World environment day chooses a main theme or topic to address. The fact that it focuses attention on a particularly pressing environmental concern but that doesn’t mean we must ignore the others.

Last year the theme was “Beat Plastic Pollution” and I wrote in fact this other article

This year the theme ” Beat Air Pollution” and is the host country is China and all over the planet people do small celebrations and “acts”, they clean the beaches and forests or plant trees.

Some years ago I used to live in Barcelona, though cosmopolitan and full of opportunity the air was not that clean. I moved since to a very small but green mossy place, and yes there are things I miss from the big city adventure but I have these kind of places… They are usually massively covered by lichens which is a sign precisely that the air is clean. Did you know that lichens are “air pollution” bio-indicators?

Mother Earth (9).jpg

This is my corner of the planet…

A fairy green kingdom I love to visit

Mother Earth (1).jpg

The miracle of everflowing life under the early Summer green canopy

Mother Earth (8).jpg

We must not take things for granted though… I’m fortunate to be able to inhale and breathe clean air, but not all are that lucky. My actions, your actions, they all count to address the current crises that the planet is enduring. Climate change is changing our home so drastically and so quickly we may reach a point of not return…

Nothing is done until is done

I’m writing a these days, the title is called “Nothing is done until is done”
I feel we might be running out of time.


What have you done for the planet today?

Small actions count… even if it’s humble creating awareness with this single post…

But now seriously even the decision to go somewhere on foot instead of taking the car… all small actions combined can make a big change. We rely on this planet for food, water and for a place to live in… You want to live in a clean house right? Earth is our only home and we have been as a species way too negligent so far.

Mother Earth Priscilla Hernandez - by Priscilla Hernandez-4.jpg

I choose to change that… yes one single voice

What about yours? Do you join me in the effort? We can, all together.

I understand that there are things that are out of our hands, that there are politicians full of greed that will always prefer “bread for today despite starving tomorrow”, but still I believe there is still time to make a difference, each one of us.

Mother Earth (2).jpg
Mother Earth (5).jpg

And as soundtrack for this post, I reshare again though I’ve done before my song GROW filmed in these forests

Above: My song GROW, an ODE TO NATURE

I will conlude the SAME way I concluded last year this very same date

This is an excerpt I wrote last year:”We live in the most amazing planet… home of so much diversity and life… cradle of so much beauty. But most still ignore how alarmingly quick it is all degrading, species vanishing into the oblivion of extinction, animals cornered in small habitats and doomed to fade away, our climate severely altered by our own pollution. And we see it all happening in front of our eyes… until we reach those critics points where things cannot be undone. One species gone, wild fires gone crazy due to severe draughts, tropical storms flooding countries out of the blue…
But we always choose “convenience”, the short-term fix…
Nature and Life in our planet are certainly at stake, and so also our existence because we belong to Earth and so far this is our ONLY HOME.
Don’t think it is not worth to make a difference… you can!”

What you will do, for this planet, for the life it holds, for US, or even for yourself is up to you.
You are responsible too.
You can choose, I did, I will act!

And you can gift yourself and others the chance to live in a better and cleaner planet…


All Pictures copyrighted to Priscilla Hernandez (YIDNETH.COM) in collaboration with Héctor Corcín.

Concept and costumes by Priscilla Hernandez.
Location: Urbasa Beechwoods (Navarra, Spain)Priscilla Hernandez singer-songwriter & illustrator http://yidneth.com

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A Blooming Heart. Celtic Uplifting Incantation

This is the third “Incantation” wearing my iconic witch hat and playing flute outdoors. The melody was entirely improvised on the spot though this time this is a longer one and I added more instruments back home at the home studio. It was filmed early Spring, barely weeks ago in some lovely rapeseed fields. I always love to create this as some kind of meditation or as a way to make them longer songs later. This one is lighthearted and I think very catchy because it stuck in my head and I couldn’t take it out as simple as it is… You’re warned! LOL

But this one might well be included in my “Blooming series” that you are familiar with if you read my posts.

A blooming heart - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

I improvised the flute melody in the spot but then I added additional vocals and instruments at the home studio. The first of incantations was entirely recorded outdoors but this one was an “hybrid” experiment. I struggled editing the video because I swear the melody (even if I prefer myself when exploring moodier sounds) is rather catchy after a few spins and it was impossible not to hum it afterwards. As I said you are warned.

A blooming heart - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-4.jpg

Rapeseed fields (Brassica Napus) in full bloom, at moments I felt like going to Oz… 🙂


Brassica Napus (that belong to the crops is used to make Canola or Colza Oil. I very much prefer the wild flowers but there is an undeniable transient beauty in their full bloom fields.

A blooming heart - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-5.jpg

What is happiness but a collection of moments? Something warm that put a smile on our face


The previous Incantations : Which one is your favourite so far?

They all have in common I’m wearing this witch hat (made by my friends from El Costurero Real
and that they are composed outdoors. First one “Over the clouds” was entirely composed and recorded at the spot.
So here are now the other two previous incantations for comparison and feel free also reply which one is your favourite so far :). Maybe I’ll do one by the sea, or next fall when leaves fall :). So far they are having a great “seasonal” thing going on 🙂

This is the third in a series of candid videos filmed outdoors in which the core of the melody is composed in situ

First Incantation: Over the Clouds

This one went viral on many accounts on facebook (sadly it was cropped off my credits) but silver lining has brought a lot of curious people who checked who was playing. It was the most spontaneous, now two years ago, entirely recorded on the spot the day before Christmas two days ago.

This was the first of the incantations entirely recorded with a portable microphone 🙂

Second Incantation: On your Wings

The Ravens Incantation, filmed last February, last Snow of the year, we used portable zoom recorders and crow chants were recorded there too, that is why is also called “The Raven’s incantation”

So more to come, maybe by the water, or maybe by fallen leaves, who knows

Easter Egg : Find the hidden rat!

As I have mentioned before just like in most of my videos (I still am waiting for someone pointing out where it is in my previous and official recent single) there is a “rat” hidden in the video :)… just in case you want to give it a try 😉 as a little game.

yidneth fufunchis - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

So the challenge is up… can you find a rat in the video? 🙂 it’s there I assure you. 🙂


Priscilla Hernandez singer-songwriter & illustrator http://yidneth.com

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Portrait with Graellsia Isabellae: Spanish Luna Moth. A dream come true

Spanish Luna Moth(1).jpg

A dream come true… I am having a rare Spanish Luna Moth on my face, a species I have wanted to see for a long time. It’s not bred but a wild one as they live in my region. Picture was taken at midnight a few weeks ago, so even if it is not the best due to light conditions, for me it’s a very special one and I’m going to tell you a little bit about this rare and beautiful species that almost look like out of the pages of a fairytale. How did this happen? And some curiosities about this “Ghost fairy”… keep on reading!

It is not secret for my readers here that I love moths, I even dress often like one or they’re mentioned recurrently in the lyrics of my moths. They also appear in many of my drawings…

I live now in Navarre, North of Spain, and here there is a particular species, famous worldwide for its beauty but living only were I live… sounds lucky, right? But I had not had the chance to see it yet. That dreams recently came true 🙂

Here is a link to a little video on twitter of me painting moths, moths and moths and going a bit nuts about them (by the way I must rescue and finish that painting). I could not attach the video here but you can see it in this link:

xorroxin waterfall - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-2.jpg

Above: me by Xorroxin Waterfall wearing my Spanish Luna Moth wings (made by my friends from El Costurero Real)

A very rare and beautiful Moth Species

The Spanish Moon Moon Graellsia Isabellae is a rare and large moth Graellsia isabellae, the Spanish moon moth, is in the silkmoth family Saturniidae. The genus only has this species. The moth was first discovered by Mariano de la Paz Graëlls y de la Aguera in 1846.

There are not enough data yet to know how threatened the species may be but it can only be found in some parts of Spain and France. Now mostly in Spain and some areas in Switzerland. I happen to be lucky in enough to live in a region where they can be found. They eat needles from Pine trees and do you remember I often visit some deer to feed them… they can be found in that forest precisely.


Above: Male Graellsia Isabellae on pine bark taken last 3rd of May 🙂

The adults are out April-June. Adults don’t eat, their only pupose is to mate and lay eggs. A few weeks ago a conservationist group organized an activity to spot Graellsias, and having tried on my own for two years in a row without success, even knowing a particular grove that is considered a reservoir of the species (just had seen them fluttering quickly now and then) I decided to join and they set up a white sheet and special lights (mercury lamps) in order to attract them (and other moth friends).

##Attracting the moths with Mercury Vapur Lamps and Why do Moths fly to light?


Above: Setting up mercury vapour lamps which are the most used to attract moths. Why are moths attracted to light is explained by their sense of orientation. In a behavior called transverse orientation, some insects navigate by flying at a constant angle relative to a distant light source, such as the moon and some artificial lights confuses them in their navigation messing their compass. It is very well known that Moths have “Positive Phototaxis”, they move “towards” the light- Also it’s thought them to have an “escape” mechanism as it’s likely less dangerous to fly upwards (towards the light) in order to escape. It’s also known that once there they come to the light tend to stay around it because they become “blinded” by it. We play that in our advantage as they perched on our white sheet.

But you know moths fly to light when they’re blind in delight (from my own song Nothing)

So we stood a few hours in the cold… We suspected not many moths would come (and in fact there were some cute furry visitors but it wasn’t a crowdy night. We shared some snacks and chatted with the others while “Asociación Zerynthia” (the organizers) explained some facts about moths in general and about the prejudices against them. But were we meant to see the elusive species that night?

Most people were already giving up when suddenly a Graellsia appeared, with its slow graceful flutter. It was a male. People cheered and we all stood very quiet in order not to tread on it. Minutes later another male followed. Once they landed and calmed down we observed and took pictures, and finally with the supervision of the entomologists we took these portraits of me with one on my face 🙂

spanishlunamoth (1).jpg

Soooo cute and it felt ticklish!


A few more interesting facts

There is a clear dimorphism between male and female. The male have feathery antennae and wing tails. Those antennae help the male to “smell” in order to find a suitable female to mate.

So maybe we have that misconceptions of moths as discoloured

These are my own lyrics from my song “At the Dreams Door” but not true at all 🙂 because, can’t they be more beautiful? Their wings look almost like a stained glass, kind of translucent against the light.

spanishlunamoth (5).jpg

Like stained glass

Will I emerge as butterfly into the vibrant daylight
or am I doom to be the moth as colourless as before

Or maybe you were never such colourless being, maybe you were the most precious of them all, if someone would look to under the light

I’m so thrilled that I’m repeating the experience again in a week fro now, hopefully bringing better light.

spring (2).jpg

My Network


Priscilla Hernandez
singer-songwriter & illustrator

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FLAME: A song about love that is not a love song

NEW SINGLE and VIDEO. Video just premiered earlier today

The song is full of contradictions… ice and fire… hot and cold…
We yearn for love, sometimes it hurts, sometimes it’s raging fire, sometimes it makes us shiver…
Love is everything

What is love for you?

So here my new single, which is not a “new” song but it’s a brand new recording and video. A “flame” rekindled from its ashes to shine ablaze bright once more.

Stream from SPOTIFY https://open.spotify.com/album/1cmzMt4nkPaLLnhdeF1laO


That is why we are constantly longing for it, searching for it… It’s an endless quest to find it, to keep it.

Love is an endless quest

Priscilla Hernandez flame - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

I am burning in the flames of love and that’s the way that you do chill me to the bone

Love is a contradiction….
ties you with with knots
but makes you fly on its wings
Our endless quest
we long to find it and we fear to lose it
You must endure the challenges of this epic journey

This song is about love but it’s not a love song Love is a …

logo flame small.png
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Why hugging trees can heal you?

Have you ever hugged a tree? Does it sounds too hippy let me tell you what you’re missing 😉 and how it works.

One week ago me Héctor and I went out like we do almost every single weekend. A lovely early Spring day, a field full of blooms and there a glorious Evergreen tree all lush green already. It stood out as “King of the Hill” and so I hugged it…

A manificent Evergreen Oak

encina (2).jpg
The Holm Oak (Evergreen or Holly Oak)

Quercus ilex is also known as “Evergreen Oak” Holly oak or Holm (ancient for “Holy”) Oak. They grow typically in the Mediterranean and are quite large in size. This particular one stood in the middle of a field, all crowned in green while the oak trees around it were barely budding their new leaves. That green has endured Winter and it almost felt like a “flash forward” into Summer.

encina (1).jpg
Above me by the Holm tree so you can see its size for comparison
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The Golden Path: Meditational New Age Song

Close your eyes, feel your wings spreading, you’re wandering through the woods, all cloaked in sunset gold rays… Follow me along The Golden Path
I have edited this the past days taking a little break from a longer project. I’ve been myself in a bit of a turmoil so was in the mood for something EXTREMELY chill :). I hope you like it.

Above: Press PLAY to listen to the song and watch the video while you continue reading
Right out from the oven 🙂 I seriously need a better computer to edit videos though… ! :/ I hope you like it… The mood is very relaxing almost like walking into a lucid dream (those in which you are aware you are dreaming)

The Moth Princess - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-2.jpg
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Hello Spring: Ostara Blessings with my song The Waking of Spring

Above: My song and music video “The Waking of Spring”. Click PLAY to listen while you keep on reading.

“The Waking of the Spring” is a Celtic uplifting seasonal song I wrote some years ago so you can feel like blooming the entire year. It talks about the life renewing during the Spring awakening. In this season I often sing it barefoot in the forest and I take my first baths in the creeks. I must say though, that today I woke to a wintry day and all was covered in snow but frail pale white and pink blossoms are facing the cold weather and buds are unfolding. Aren´t we longing to bloom? I am!

the waking of the sring - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-3.jpg

Today, 20th of March is the celebration of Ostara a Pagan celebration of the the Spring Equinnox in the Northern Hemisphere. Ostara is named after a Germanic Goddess of Spring and fertility The name means “to shine”. In the Equinox the length of the Day and Night is the same, the forces of Light and Darkness in balance, and now on days will be longer and brighter until next Solstice. A promise of life… as birds unfold their wings

The Waking of the Spring_10 - by Priscilla Hernandez.gif

Though the dormant Goddess of Spring is supposed to start to stir at Imbolc it is today when the season is considered to begin. It is also the date of the Druidry Festival Alban Eilir (The Light of the Earth). A time for growth and balance… the return to life until it reaches its full boom and peak on forthcoming Beltane (May Day Festival) where everything will be in full bloom. Splatters of colours, tender grass and animals coming out from their lairs. Soon the canopy of the forest will be lush and will rustle with its “new leaves” voice.
Crown the tree with a lush and glorious green at the Waking of Spring

Despite having had a cold Winter this year the forest floor starts to fill with Daffodils and Crocuses… Here is a picture from last Sunday, taken while I was hiking. As you may know already I love Nature and I like to “forest bath” as much as possible. It is a source of inspiration and healing to me, and it has become my way of living.

crocuses - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

They grow and thrive against all odds, Spring has awakened.

The symbolic plant of the Equinox is the trefoil and that’s why the celebration of Saint Patrick a few days ago is also related to the welcoming of the new season. Read my previous post about Saint Patrick and my obsession for “green”

The Waking of the Spring_6 - by Priscilla Hernandez.gif

Poetry and Lyrics: The Waking of the Spring

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Melting icicles tearing sheer droplets giving birth to glittering sprites that rejoice and splash at the fountain dazzling under the light Graceful they sing in the newborn stream gurgle and dance at the waking of the spring A blooming warmth is filling the air with tantalizing scents and flourish now in the curve of your smile of delicious lips so red A promise of life as birds unfold their wings runs in our blood at the waking of the spring Maidens wearing floral garlands with a blush so healthy glowing on their cheeks and barefoot as they gather like nymphs playing by the creeks Cover field with flawless beauty Crown the tree with a lush and glorious green The sounds that winter muted now burst alive and sing for the waking of the spring la, la, la… la, la, io… And craving for sun our life and love renew la, la, la… la, la, io… and craving for sun our life and love renew

The making of the video

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Above: Part of the video was filmed in this fields that I can see from my window. I love the way the fields transform before my eyes. At the moment there are no flowers but it’s covered with vivid green grass.

Music and lyrics and all arrangements written by Priscilla Hernandez
Everything in this recording is acoustic:
Priscilla Hernandez (me): voice, lyrics, composition, harp, flutes, chalumeau, low whistle
Hector Corcin @hedac: Percussion and various, mixing and mastering
Armen Vartanyan: Violin
Svetlana Tovstukha: Cello

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You can support me by downloading this song from Bandcamp
It was a stand-alone single that was never included in my albums though I will likely include it eventually in an acoustic compilation of songs inspired by Nature I have made throughout the years.

The video was filmed in a park in Barcelona and the rest of locations are in the countryside of Navarra, Spain where I currently live. The video was filmed and edited by @hedac and me. I made my own gown and dresses, except for the big floral garland (courtesy of Mimsy Crowns) and the white blooms crown (courtesy of Freckles Faerie Chest).

The Waking of the Spring - by Priscilla Hernandez.gif

My harp was a gift from Rees Harps https://harpsicle-harps.com/
I was new to harp and it is one of the first formal recordings I ever made playing it.

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Fun random fact about this video and me

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You can see me dancing… I cannot dance in public. Even in a party I would hide behind a curtains not to be noticed. It makes me feel extremely shy, and I certainly don’t have a talent for it, yet here I genuinely spun in joy. When performing on stage my movements are subtle and I often seek shelter behind my instruments… but I still am able to appreciate the “liberation” of it and shh…. sometimes I do in meadows and groves Sound of Music freestyle and vibe. That is the power Nature has over me and that the courage it bestows upon me.

My fufunchi starlet: Guest appearance of my rat Ritva

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The video features a guest appearance of Ritva (now gone). She was one of my three rats (known as “fufunchis”). Ritva was a gorgeous white and grey husky rat, her name meaning Birch Branch.
She already had hind leg paralysis and was very old when we filmed this video. But this footage makes me remember her under the sun enjoying the smell of the garden flowers. I love you my sweet “fufunchi”. One of this days I will write about my rats, because I know there are still lots of prejudices against them and I think I might be able to change a few minds about it. They were amazing and left a deep imprint in my soul. In fact they are featured in many of my music videos, sometimes in hidden places (like Easter Eggs to be found). You were so beautiful my little branch, Mummy misses you!

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All images and music are copyrighted to Priscilla Hernandez. All Rights Reserved.

the waking of the sring - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

New leaves unfolding, bare branches in full blossom… May you bloom and feel the warmth of Spring. And craving for Sun our life and love renew

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Some impressions from last Spring

Ostara Blessings. The Waking of Spring
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