Hello Spring: Ostara Blessings with my song The Waking of Spring

Above: My song and music video “The Waking of Spring”. Click PLAY to listen while you keep on reading.

“The Waking of the Spring” is a Celtic uplifting seasonal song I wrote some years ago so you can feel like blooming the entire year. It talks about the life renewing during the Spring awakening. In this season I often sing it barefoot in the forest and I take my first baths in the creeks. I must say though, that today I woke to a wintry day and all was covered in snow but frail pale white and pink blossoms are facing the cold weather and buds are unfolding. Aren´t we longing to bloom? I am!

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Today, 20th of March is the celebration of Ostara a Pagan celebration of the the Spring Equinnox in the Northern Hemisphere. Ostara is named after a Germanic Goddess of Spring and fertility The name means “to shine”. In the Equinox the length of the Day and Night is the same, the forces of Light and Darkness in balance, and now on days will be longer and brighter until next Solstice. A promise of life… as birds unfold their wings

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Though the dormant Goddess of Spring is supposed to start to stir at Imbolc it is today when the season is considered to begin. It is also the date of the Druidry Festival Alban Eilir (The Light of the Earth). A time for growth and balance… the return to life until it reaches its full boom and peak on forthcoming Beltane (May Day Festival) where everything will be in full bloom. Splatters of colours, tender grass and animals coming out from their lairs. Soon the canopy of the forest will be lush and will rustle with its “new leaves” voice.
Crown the tree with a lush and glorious green at the Waking of Spring

Despite having had a cold Winter this year the forest floor starts to fill with Daffodils and Crocuses… Here is a picture from last Sunday, taken while I was hiking. As you may know already I love Nature and I like to “forest bath” as much as possible. It is a source of inspiration and healing to me, and it has become my way of living.

crocuses - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

They grow and thrive against all odds, Spring has awakened.

The symbolic plant of the Equinox is the trefoil and that’s why the celebration of Saint Patrick a few days ago is also related to the welcoming of the new season. Read my previous post about Saint Patrick and my obsession for “green”

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Poetry and Lyrics: The Waking of the Spring

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Melting icicles tearing sheer droplets giving birth to glittering sprites that rejoice and splash at the fountain dazzling under the light Graceful they sing in the newborn stream gurgle and dance at the waking of the spring A blooming warmth is filling the air with tantalizing scents and flourish now in the curve of your smile of delicious lips so red A promise of life as birds unfold their wings runs in our blood at the waking of the spring Maidens wearing floral garlands with a blush so healthy glowing on their cheeks and barefoot as they gather like nymphs playing by the creeks Cover field with flawless beauty Crown the tree with a lush and glorious green The sounds that winter muted now burst alive and sing for the waking of the spring la, la, la… la, la, io… And craving for sun our life and love renew la, la, la… la, la, io… and craving for sun our life and love renew

The making of the video

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Above: Part of the video was filmed in this fields that I can see from my window. I love the way the fields transform before my eyes. At the moment there are no flowers but it’s covered with vivid green grass.

Music and lyrics and all arrangements written by Priscilla Hernandez
Everything in this recording is acoustic:
Priscilla Hernandez (me): voice, lyrics, composition, harp, flutes, chalumeau, low whistle
Hector Corcin @hedac: Percussion and various, mixing and mastering
Armen Vartanyan: Violin
Svetlana Tovstukha: Cello

the waking of the sring - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-10.jpg

You can support me by downloading this song from Bandcamp
It was a stand-alone single that was never included in my albums though I will likely include it eventually in an acoustic compilation of songs inspired by Nature I have made throughout the years.

The video was filmed in a park in Barcelona and the rest of locations are in the countryside of Navarra, Spain where I currently live. The video was filmed and edited by @hedac and me. I made my own gown and dresses, except for the big floral garland (courtesy of Mimsy Crowns) and the white blooms crown (courtesy of Freckles Faerie Chest).

The Waking of the Spring - by Priscilla Hernandez.gif

My harp was a gift from Rees Harps https://harpsicle-harps.com/
I was new to harp and it is one of the first formal recordings I ever made playing it.

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Fun random fact about this video and me

The Waking of the Spring_2 - by Priscilla Hernandez.gif

You can see me dancing… I cannot dance in public. Even in a party I would hide behind a curtains not to be noticed. It makes me feel extremely shy, and I certainly don’t have a talent for it, yet here I genuinely spun in joy. When performing on stage my movements are subtle and I often seek shelter behind my instruments… but I still am able to appreciate the “liberation” of it and shh…. sometimes I do in meadows and groves Sound of Music freestyle and vibe. That is the power Nature has over me and that the courage it bestows upon me.

My fufunchi starlet: Guest appearance of my rat Ritva

ritva spring - by Priscilla Hernandez.jpg

The video features a guest appearance of Ritva (now gone). She was one of my three rats (known as “fufunchis”). Ritva was a gorgeous white and grey husky rat, her name meaning Birch Branch.
She already had hind leg paralysis and was very old when we filmed this video. But this footage makes me remember her under the sun enjoying the smell of the garden flowers. I love you my sweet “fufunchi”. One of this days I will write about my rats, because I know there are still lots of prejudices against them and I think I might be able to change a few minds about it. They were amazing and left a deep imprint in my soul. In fact they are featured in many of my music videos, sometimes in hidden places (like Easter Eggs to be found). You were so beautiful my little branch, Mummy misses you!

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All images and music are copyrighted to Priscilla Hernandez. All Rights Reserved.

the waking of the sring - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

New leaves unfolding, bare branches in full blossom… May you bloom and feel the warmth of Spring. And craving for Sun our life and love renew

The Waking of the Spring_4 - by Priscilla Hernandez.gif

Some impressions from last Spring

Ostara Blessings. The Waking of Spring
The Waking of the Spring_11 - by Priscilla Hernandez.gif
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