I went looking for the Moon and found a thousand fallen Suns: Sunflowers. Apollo and Clytie. Ligo Sneak peak.

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I went to see the Moon but I found a thousand fallen suns

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Posting today as part of colorchallenge WEDNESDAY YELLOW challenge

All this pictures were taken last Saturday (late July 2018). Me and my partner Héctor Corcín went on a stroll trying to see the Moon Eclipse that took place last 27th of July. Sadly clouds didn’t allow to appreciate the eclipse in its full red moon glory and we only caught it as the Moon grew back to full brightness again, but we found this location and we went the day after to take these pictures featured in this article.


So even if weather boycotted a little bit our sighting of the Blood Moon, at least it worked to find this lovely location. Above, not the best eclipse picture but what we glimpsed 🙂

Location and filming for forthcoming video

Location is close to an abandoned village called Guendulain (Navarre, Spain). To see the sunflowers spreading and just the ruins emerging from them was rather magical. As we had just found it the day before and I am finishing editing a videoclip of Latvian folk song Līgo (encouraged by fellow steemian friend Linda from Latvia, who encouraged me to learn a song of her country). It is a overall a worship of Summer hymn and I had still a few gaps in the video so location was perfect to shoot some final scenes). I will share that here shortly but meanwhile here. Almost done, I will share it soon.

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priscilla Hernandez sunflowers - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-4.jpg

Enchanted sunflower, thou
Who gazest ever true and tender On the sun’s revolving splendour

Pedro Calderon de la Barca (Poet)

A symbol of strength, endurance and loyalty

They look like thousands of fallen suns blooming in Summer… so yellow and vibrant, a representation of our life giving star. The petals of a sun flower are also known as “rays” for that reason. Unmistakable with their brilliant and vibrant appearance and amazingly large size. There are different varieties of different sizes but some are as large and tall as I am, glorious giant flowers.

priscilla Hernandez sunflowers - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

As to give a sunflower to your beloved it represents warmth, long life and endurance. Sun flowers remain in full bloom for a long time enduring the hottest days of Summer and tolerating lack of rain and droughts. The upright and strong stem also represent the strength of bonds and loyalty. It is usually given as a gift on the 3rd anniversary of a wedding.

I love a sunflower and I believe in love power
(Tears for Fears, quote from the lyrics of “Sowing the Seeds of Love”)

priscilla Hernandez sunflowers - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-5.jpg

Vitality, hope, renewal… LIGHT

It was worshiped by Incan Empire priestesses who used to wear replicas made of gold in their garments.

In China, Royalty used to eat sunflower seeds in order to have a long life and are related with vitality and luck. In China in fact they are a symbol of *lasting happiness” The symbolism of “yellow” colour that I covered in previous article also apply for this “light bringer”. It is easy to think why these flowers are usually associated with “happy” feelings.

They are not only strikingly beautiful but also useful providing and numerous edible sunflower seeds (at least the most common Helianthus annus which we grow for that purpose) and oil for cooking and beauty treatments. Crops and fields of these beauties, also a symbol of “abundance”.

Sunflowers also known for their symmetry based on Fibonacci numbers

priscilla Hernandez sunflowers - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-10.jpg

Above: the disk of a sunflower are made of made up of many little flowers that will become seeds.

Moving into the Light and the Legend of Clytie and Apollo

Sunflowers belong to the family Asteraceae and genus Helianthus (helios=Sun, Anthos=flower) and they move and stretch moving towards the light by phototropism. or heliotropism. Sunflowers are one of several plant species that make optimum use of light by turning to face the sun. It is like a “solar tracking” triggered in fact by phyto-hormones (Auxins) presents in the stems. This happens until the flower is “mature” and the seeds begin to ripen. Then they usually stop growing and droop downwards and stop their movement.

But let’s explain it in a more romantic way

Clytie in Green mythology was a water nymph (daughter of Oceanus, the Water god and Tethys) that turned into a flower grieving over here unrequited love for the God of the Sun, Apollo (son of Zeus), and thus she is always facing the sun looking for her love return for her in his Chariot. She fell in love with him but was ignored by Apollo who fell for another Water Nymph (Daphne). Clytie sat on a rock and spent nine days without food or water until she transformed into a flower, and even to this day, she keeps looking at her beloved sun from dawn to sunset. Thus sometimes Sunflowers are used as symbols of “platonic love”. At the beginning the Greek legend transformed her into a turnsole (Heliotropium) as in fact all sunflowers (Helianthus) are native from America, but modern retelling and famous Victorian and Prerraphaelite painting used “Sunflowers” to represent the grieving nymph.

clytie - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

Although Clytie’s love was not corresponded as Apollo fell in love with Daphne due to an Eros (God of love) arrow, the irony of it is that he was despised by Daphne who wished herself to be transformed into a laurel tree not to be bothered by Apollo unsolicited love. Apollo had an argument with Eros and he was struck by an arrow who made him fall in love with the water nymph but Daphne was hit by a lead arrow who made her despise Apollo as strongly as he loved her. Finally she prayed for help to her father and was transformed into a laurel tree. Apollo was heartbroken and remained faithful and it made laurel leaves “evergreen” because of his love.

Poor Clytie, if it had not been for the interference of love arrows…

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Dandelions are floating in evergreen fields…

dandelions - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-4.jpg

The meaning of the dandelion flower is a promise of faithfulness. Their resistance echoes endurance. Dandelions are related with purity, innocence and nostalgia. I share this appreciation post for these lovely ubiquitous yellow flowers. It’s a post that will end up in a very personal note if you care to read until the end. These small and considered insignificant by many are maybe my favourite flowers and you are going to know why.
In Spain we call them “dientes de Leon” (Lion’s teeth) from which “dandelion” word comes from.

dandelions - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

And splatters of a myriad of yellow blooms show the path I will follow (from my song Sentinel)

A common flower not lacking importance or meaning

dandelions - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg


Dandelions belong to the genus Taxaracum and Asteraceae Family, being the most common *Taxaracum officinale” (common dandelion) also known as Lion’s tooth, Irish daisy, blowball, puff ball, cankerwort, doon-head-clock, witch’s gowan, milk witch, lion’s-tooth, yellow-gowan, monks-head, priest’s-crown, and puff-ball and other less romantic names as common pee-a-bed

The entire plant, roots, leaves and flowers are edible. There are evidence of their use as food as medicine since Prehistory. The roasted roots can be used to make a caffeine free drink. Flowers too can be added as ornament to salads, and the heads are used to make wine and liquors, petals are used to make dandelion wine with sugar, yeast and citrus fruits peels. It has several medicinal uses mostly as digestive aid or to boost liver function, and it’s available as tea, tincture and capsules. Of course if you forage dandelions make sure you don’t take them from your local park where they can be covered in pesticides… wild meadows or grow your own as seeds grow easily on your garden or pots. There is evidence it helps to manage sugar and lipid levels in animals who eats them. And it has phytonutrients that can help to prevent cancer as well as many antioxidants, Vitamin A and C. It’s used also against inflammation. It is also very diuretic… I wonder if the French word Pissenlit (wet the bed) is related to it. Medicinal use is considered safe though allergic reactions should be checked as it’s possible though rare.
You can also get yellow and green dye out of them… I particularly like to dye my clothes in nature colours.

Yes they are common… and that’s why very often underrated. But as you see they have a wealth of properties… Also being among the first flowers appearing in Spring they’re key for the survival of bees. Next picture is one shared recently by my partner @hedac on his feed and featuring a cute bumblebee frolicking with dandelion pollen. 🙂
Even the most common flower can have such an enormous importance

Bumblebee on dandelion. Macrophotography courtesy of @hedac

As it can easily colonize an area it’s usually considered as a weed by many gardeners, but I think they are absolutely beautiful. It really makes me sad when local gardeners come with the land mowers to get rid of them and get their perfect “polished” but spiritless grass… As much as may think of these little blooms a nuisance my heart is happy to greet the yellow dots on the green grass.

A symbol of sheer joy

A symbol of joy and faithfulness and of course of light. For Native American was a representation of the Sun being the petals the rays of the Sun at the beginning of Spring. It is not difficult to guess why… they look like little glowing sun… and it strikes to me then than they are like stars in the green meadows… painting a starry sky where you can run, and dance and jump and remember how you loved to do so when a child and how your inner child still loves to do it.

dandelions - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-5.jpg

Above: Me barefoot jumping and dancing on a dandelion fields


A symbol of endurance they are also perennial and bloom a rather long time. Endure!
You will often find them growing even in cracks on the pavements… a reminder of life thriving

dandelions - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

No life is free from struggles… but we learn to live. Treasure the moments of peace, the moments of health, the moments of happiness…

You’re only a dream away, my sweet Kira

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post it’s a flower related with faithfulness and what’s more faithful and loyal that your dog companion. It’s the flower I usually relate to my Siberian Husky Kira (1995-2003). I always dream of her running in her favourite fields full or yellow blooms. She has one song in each one of my already published music albums. And whenever I mention “yellow blooms” in a song is a hidden clue related to her. So I recurrently dream I am in a field full of dandelions and that she appears… sometimes I chase her I am slightly aware she’s gone and I am dreaming… that is when usually my dream become lucid. I will write more about her soon but I had to mention.

dandelions - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-3.jpg

Dandelions are floating in evergreen fields
Those yellow flowers incoiling to buds
gently inviting to sleep
Good Night Kira


Here is a drawing I made myself of me and Kira… the drawing is made on a watercolour background where I pressed too a real dandelion flower from those fields she used to love.

So through the years the “fields” became like a private place I go when I dream… And because of my longing (and mourning) there I can see sometimes also my fufunchis (my rats) and all the animal companions that blessed my life… That is a place I go often in dreams to be with them… But when I try to chase them they usually scattered in different directions… I feel still the urge to protect but at the same time I’m aware I am dreaming and that I need to let them go
But there they are waiting for me.

I let you go, I let you leave
though I shall wait for you
all life long
till the end and beyond

If I could describe Heaven that is the dandelion field where I play with you

I love you

ritva spring - by Priscilla Hernandez.jpg

So if you could make a wish…

We all have picked those fluffy seeded flowers, those silver tufted blowballs, and have made a wish…

Blowing and scattering the seeds into the winds we make our wishes travel. Do you know they grow on every continent? Such travelers those wishes are too.

Have you ever tried to blow one?
If it’s not the right time you have to blow hard… even in that they teach a lesson. Be patient!

So if you had a wish… what would it be?

I’d wish that place of my dream to be real but as I cannot rewind time… I will wish for a home. Home is not a roof, is not a place, it’s a shelter of the soul, a comfort of the spirit, a sense of belonging. That is why up to this day I call Kira and fufunchis my home…
But as long as I keep moving forward my feet will lead me ahead…
I’m sure I’ll find my way home

priscilla Hernandez Green Fairy drawing detail - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg
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5th June: WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY #beatplasticpollution

Every 5th of June since 1974 as established by the United Nations we celebrate World Environment Day. For me it’s a date I mark in my calendar.

This year’s theme and challenge is Beat Plastic Pollution (If you can´t reuse it, refuse it) and create awareness using globally the hashtag #beatplasticpollution There are events all over the world, being the major event host in India, which will try to address how we can combat Plastic pollution exposing their own struggles with it. Each year this date focuses on a focuses attention on a particularly pressing environmental concern but that doesn’t mean we must ignore the others.

We live in the most amazing planet… home of so much diversity and life… cradle of so much beauty. But most still ignore how alarmingly quick it is all degrading, species vanishing into the oblivion of extinction, animals cornered in small habitats and doomed to fade away, our climate severely altered by our own pollution. And we see it all happening in front of our eyes… until we reach those critics points where things cannot be undone. One species gone, wild fires gone crazy due to severe draughts, tropical storms flooding countries out of the blue…
But we always choose “convenience”, the short-term fix…
Nature and Life in our planet are certainly at stake, and so also our existence because we belong to Earth and so far this is our ONLY HOME.

Don’t think it is not worth to make a difference… you can!

It is the perfect day, if weather allows to go outdoors and hike… and maybe even organize a clean up. Even in the remotest most beautiful places I’ve been there is that annoying piece of plastic. It’s everywhere… almost unavoidable in every packaging, in components of every single item we buy…
So before buying… remember this year’s slogan…. “if you cannot reuse, refuse it”

Plastic water pollution. Photo by Héctor Corcin

Picture above courtesy of@hedac

Héctor and I were hiking together and we were sad to stumble upon this sad view… It seems we cannot escape plastic, can we? That bottle will flow downriver, will end up decomposing into microscopic toxic particles.

And some other time we were walking peacefully and enjoying a lovely forest trail when we found this… Why would someone leave it there… It escapes logic… But it is indeed concerning.

20180316 - Plásticos en la naturaleza 1 - 01 -640- by Hector Corcin.jpg

Picture above courtesy of@hedac

The power of small acts

So many small actions and change of habits can do SO MUCH. And each one of those small efforts are worth because they add up, each one of us, until it become a trend. I hope within my lifetime to see plastic in disuse. There are alternatives but obviously they are not sponsored.
But we can´t reduce to great extent by small measures…

  • Using a fabric bag (every year more than 500 billion plastic are used)
  • Favouring those foods that doesn’t come in plastic wrap or polystyrene trays
  • Meticulously sorting our waste for proper recycling.
  • Use a reusable water flask and lunch box.
  • Volunteer on clean ups. Collect plastics if you find them when hiking for proper disposal
  • Spread the word and create awareness among yours

So next time at the department store, maybe consider to buy a reusable canteen or water flask to start with… because that plastic water may end up like the picture shared before. Besides not only plastic degrades into small pieces that end up in the sea threatening marine wildlife. Animals choked after eating plastic, or strangled by it… Small marine creatures that incorporate microscopic particles that are amplified into the food chain until we eat them again. Even the calves of dolphins are whales are dying because the milk becomes poisoned with chemicals derived from plastic consumption as all fish are contaminated by them.

water - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

Above: me in Urederra River. The river’s name means “Beautiful Water”. Hyaline, crystal, unpolluted… this how all water sources should be. Urederra strikes almost as an utopian place, but even now and then while you walk the forest trails around you stumble upon some plastic wrap from the hikers.

But I leave this message even to the ones with less heart and not caring about any of that… be aware microplastics and chemicals also detach from the containers after a while and we swallow them… and the extent of the heath damage they can cause is being researched. It is proved that once absorbed by the body they are hazardous altering hormones and probably causing many related human health problems including cancer
I do not like preaching but this date is always an important reminder

I will act…

What you will do, for this planet, for the life it holds, for US, or even for yourself is up to you.
You are responsible too.

You can choose

And you can gift yourself and others the chance to live in a better and cleaner planet… If you have Nature at hand, this is a lovely day to be outdoors. I unfortunately can’t today while I write this, but already dreaming of the weekend.

dia del medio ambiente - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

You all know that I love Nature which is a great source of inspiration for my music and my art… and yes… one of my favourite things is to dress as a fantasy character and look for fairytale locations… But we must take “care” of them… EACH ONE OF US IS A GUARDIAN

Tuesday, June 5th: World Environment Day 2018

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Gifts from my friend Kelly Miller Lopez and article about BEAR OR WILD GARLIC flowers

Priscilla Hernandez lunula - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-3.jpg

Above: Me wearing all the gifts from a dear friend and laying on a field of wild garlic. Story and article about Wild garlic below. All pictures taken last weekend (20h of May) where I lay on a carpet of wild garlic flowers

I have been sharing too also my love for Nature. There is a series of article blog posts I have been sharing called “The blooming series” and here is another entry 🙂

wild garlic - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

A surprise box full of love from a dear friend

As introduction of this post I wanted to say that these year has been a bit complicated for me. So my friend Kelly Miller (singer from Neofolk band Woodland and solo project Rosa Mundi), my sweet fairy sister from overseas sent me a surprise box full of “love” to cheer me up.
I opened the parcel and the first thing I found were Rowan berries added for its protection (and it did made it safe all across the ocean that separates us) and a necklace made out of them. There was a note inside…

so you don’t forget the Goddess that you are

I started sobbing… I have not felt that well these past few months and I confess I have felt everything but so…
I know she also refers to “Yidneth” my story… my alter ego almost… She wishes me well and strong… special
And I try not to forget… I dried my tears and kept on exploring that little box from so far away… She often hums to me back my own song Don´t be sad. As if I needed someone else to utter my own words.

So the rest of the box had more treasures… a moon silver circlet made by herself and a matching moon choker, and the most gorgeous organic cotton green lace dress… Of course it had to be green. She knows me well.
And finally some chocolates and candy (pear, my favourites).
All the little details and notes… It was like if a Fairy Godmother had put there a dress for Cinderella. But Cinderella had to do her chores a little bit longer and was very tired to attend to the ball… She probably missed it, but as forest nymph I prefer a solitary dance beneath the shady canopy, that at this time of the year shines almost fluorescent green as newborn leaves unfold into lush green

A picture of  Kelly and me And Showhite and Rose Red (Grimm Fairytale) (I love you tons!)

So the box awaited for the right moment, just some days ago… And they made a magical transformation, just like Cinderella but from the inside…

Priscilla Hernandez lunula - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-4.jpg

The Spring Forest

Last weekend as usual I hiked with Héctor,  and we stumbled upon a lovely location. I had brought the gift box with me, because I wanted to send my friend some pictures of me wearing the gifts she had bestowed upon me, and I don’t mean the dress or the crown, but the confidence, the love and her thoughts for my well being an protection.

I hurried to try it on, the light was getting dim and the moment was fleeting but we managed to take these shots.
The aroma of wild garlic was strong… and there I laid until the last rays of golden light engulfed the forest floor in darkness. All was covered in white pallid flowers… These posts are about blooming after all… but flowers are sometimes just the metaphor.

allium ursinum - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com) - Priscilla Hernandez.jpg

Above: A carpet of blooms… Allium Ursinum growing on a beechwood in Navarra (May 2018)

These carpets appear usually on damp but well drained soil in deciduous forests protected by the shade of the canopy when the new leaves grow in Spring. I confess I would always chose and prefer a wild flower over a garden cultivated one… 🙂
I love hiking and I do every weekend… It heals me… I have posted about forest bathing before… I always feel rejuvenated afterwards.

Wood Garlic or Bear’s garlic

Priscilla Hernandez lunula - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-5.jpg

Alium ursinum also known as “wild garlic”, “bear garlic” or “ramsons” is a bulbous perennial plant native of Europe and Asia, belonging to the Liliaceae family and relative to the chives. They have semiespherical umbel-like inflorescence that holds up to 20 star shaped white flowers clusters on leafless stalks. The leaves are born from the bulb itself. They bloom mid Spring and early Summer. The species spread by rhizomes and self-seeding forming these amazing colonies on the Spring forest floor.

Culinary use of Wild garlic

allium - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

The small elongated bulbs are a favourite of bears, that is why its latin name is Allium Ursinum comes from Ursus (Bear) as brown bears use to dig for the bulbs that they find invigorating and it helps to cleanse toxins after their winter slumber).

Wild boars also love them. Sadly bears disappeared recently from my region forests but there are still boars. Deer usually ignore them and dislike the taste.

The whole forest floor was covered with them like a tapestry! And the smell of garlic was noticeable. Both leaves and flowers are edible and can be used in salads but you have to be careful not to mistake them as there are similar plants that are poisonous like Lilly of the Valley or Wild Arum (Lords and Ladies) . In case of doubt the smell of garlic in Allium Ursinum is unmistakeable and distinct if you pick one of them. Their taste is a mix of onion and garlic. Dry leaves can be turned into crisp snacks. You can even boil the stems and eat them as spaghetti, once cooked the taste is less pungent. In many European countries soup is made of it (the same way nettle soup is done) but a cream-like pesto is also popular for seasoning. Usually the bulbs are too small for cooking so only the leaves are collected and once it’s in bloom they can taste already a little bit bitter. In the XIX it was given to cows so the milk used to make butter would taste slightly like garlic. It was also told to protect the cattle from disease as it can protect against viruses. Then it was removed precisely because of the flavour as it lost popularity. There are evidence of foraying these flowers since the Mesolithic.

Medicinal properties

allium ursinum - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

Eat leeks in Lide March and ramsins in May
And all the year after physitians may play.

(XVII century proverb)

It is very known for this reason and its medicinal properties in Ireland to ward off respiratory diseases like flu or cold or even to apply on wounds. In Ancient Greek it was used also against snake bite, and a myriad of uses is reported all throughout the countries it grows in. It is a heart protector and blood purifier, detoxifies and improves digestion helping in stomach problems and even skin disorders as it boosts our immune system. They’re properties are even stronger than the domesticated garlic relative and it was named “Plant of the year” in 1992
They have been proved to lower your risk of cancer and other chronic diseases, including arthritis. It can be taken orally or also applied as ointments and poultices.

And the most important thing of all 😉

In folklore they are told to be used to bring good luck as it deters fairies and goblins.

And remember Mother Nature is wise and giving. Be grateful.

 - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

Above: me with my hand made Lunula circlet in silver, gift from my dear friend Kelly Miller-Lopez

PD: I have been told that this happens also in the British Isles with bluebells, sadly we don’t have them here (North of Spain) but I would love to behold such glorious spectacle one Spring.

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The ruins of Eugi

Above my videoclip  Off the Lane was in part filmed in this location, but I’ve returned to this place COUNTLES times… and here is an article about the place.  I love to bring my friends here when they come to visit. The blog post mix old and recent pictures. 🙂


Follow me and enter the Ruins of Eugi, one of my favourite places to visit in my area

Eugi Priscilla Hernandez - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

Located in Quinto Real forest, a lush beech wood in North Western of Navarre (North of Spain). Eugi was the oldest of the two Royal Munition Factories that can be found in the region. I already covered Orbaitzeta in a previoust post but Eugi is smaller in size and a century older. The remains run over Arga River and are dated in the XVI century.

The smithy closed one century after being built when it ran out of materials, which led to the construction of Orbaitzeta

eugi interior - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-8.jpg

The archs are similar to the ones we find in Orbaitzeta, as the latest was built as a bigger replica after Eugi had exploited the resources around it at the time.
Now the forest is fully recovered and protected… and the whole factory (and its ugly purpose) engulfed by lush vegetation and damp moss. Beneath the archs there are spots where the water covers up to your waist. Cold and hyaline, the whole place is purified. Nature has won this round. The remaining walls and archs are silent witnesses of the flowing of the seasons.

eugi interior - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-12.jpg

Eugi is really well preserved and ruins can be found two sides of the road… archs, walls, all covered in vines and ivy. Like the remains of old fairytale castles…

eugi interior - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-5.jpg

Being further from any populated area and having had 100 years more exposed to the elements than its bigger sister Orbaitzeta, Eugi is already one with the forest.

Eugi Priscilla Hernandez - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-6.jpg

At some spots the structures are so concealed that it’s difficult to make the man-made parts out… as it seems to be entwined with growing plants. Especially at this time of the year, where weeds crawl and cover everything in green. In autumn and winter, the whole place is more conspicuous but then veiled permanently by fog and mist. Temperature here is usually cooler, and if we continue up the road we will see Mount Adi crowning the beechwoods.

eugi interior - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-6.jpg

This is a place I come often. I filmed several scenes of my videoclip and song “Off the Lane” here and being one hour drive from home I come to visit this forest rather often.

eugi interior - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-4.jpg

Below: A still from when I filmed my videoclip. This photo is much older than the rest included in this article. Sadly this part is now being restored so they have added a fence and it doesn’t look like in this picture. The rest of the images are fair recent.

Eugi Priscilla Hernandez - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-4.jpg

As I have said before I have a fascination for abandoned places, their romantic and almost decadent beauty… how they shift sometimes into something new and beautiful when it’s claimed back by Nature.

Eugi Priscilla Hernandez - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-7.jpg

I love to see the ruins now integrated with the forest… Quinto Real is home of deer and boar and it’s frequent to see vultures in the sky. Spain has 80% of vultures in Europe. In autumn is not rare to see the blurry silhouettes of deer or boar cloaked in mist… Those are the “ghosts” that now inhabit the ruins of Eugi.

Here I come often to feel inspired… I compose songs with the rustling sounds of the leaves, the chirping of birds… songs that grow in the filtered green light that is reflected on the water…
Dancing Sparkles

Fairy lights

eugi interior - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-3.jpg

Above: me composing with my flute under Eugi Ruins (Arga river)

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FLAME: A song about the contradictions of love

Priscilla Hernandez flame - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

But my heart longs to surrender not to starve again bitter in my chest

Flame is a very old song mine but it’s becoming new as I revisit it. It was included in my first demo “I steal the leaves” back in 2002. Curiously it was born as an acoustic guitar song during College and it later on a pop-rock experiment (a genre that I don’t feel very comfortable with). The original version became popular online enough back in those days to still appear in some guitar tab websites (even if I don’t play much guitar myself). It was a fancy find though.

Old… but new. It’s a song about contradictions after all

I recently recorded Flame again from scratch with a brand new different vibe, sort of oriental sometimes and very folk. More fitting with my “ethereal” fantasy style, I haven’t finished production, but it will feature flutes, harp, dulcimer among other instruments. I have recorded some scenes for small video too and I hope to finish it too and share soon.

All the pictures used are “behind the scenes” photos while filming the video for Flame last December. I just realized I just need to sit down and edit.

Flame acoustic piano version

LIVE, ONE TAKE… my performance is very humble just me and my piano, minimal acoustic version but I hope you enjoy it. I am encouraged to share the folk version soon but meanwhile this is just me, one take last week at my studio, just a voice and the keys… There are a few hurried notes here and there but I hope you don’t mind 🙂

The song is full of contradictions… ice and fire… hot and cold…
We yearn for love, sometimes it hurts, sometimes it’s raging fire, sometimes it makes us shiver…

Love is everything

Priscilla Hernandez flame - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-2.jpg

I am burning in the flames of love and that’s the way you chill me to the bone

Flame (Lyrics)

It’s so cold when North wind blows
Bringing hail and pearls of frost
That’s the way that you do chill me to the bone
Fear the dark when the moon hides
All its beams behind the clouds
That’s the way I fear when you are not around
This could be hell, this could be heaven
It could be both it could be neither
But my heart longs to surrender
Not to starve again
Bitter in my chest
Could it be?
Could it be that
I am burning in the flames of love?
I am burning in the flames of love
Oh I am burning
Oh I burn
In the flame of love
But that’s the way that you do chill me to the bone
But that’s the way that you chill me…

Priscilla Hernandez flame - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-4.jpg

Thank you

Priscilla Hernandez
singer-songwriter & illustrator

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May is the time of the roses


May is here opening all the buds that unfurl into roses. Red Roses represent love and passion. Whatever you do, do it with both, never halfway through.
They need care and nurturing… they need work and perseverance, but if you give, you will receive… they will gift the beauty of blooming in return.
Whatever you do, do it with all admiration and devotion

Roses are red - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

Red is a bold empowering blazing colour. It conveys deep emotions. It is an emotionally intense. And it is not linked with love only but to your own determination and endurance.

Roses are red - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-2.jpg

A little sprite inside a rose

And to finish this small post (which is the one of quite a few “blooming” posts happening this month of May. A close up of a rose, in which I found a fairy. 🙂
A pareidolia is a psychological phenomena in which our mind found a pattern, usually faces…
I found a little fairy inside this rose… do you see her?
Post your comment if you do

rose by Priscilla Hernandez.jpg


It’s time to bloom

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Don’t forget Tiermas: An abandoned village of Spain

Tiermas - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-3.jpg
Abandoned Church in Tiermas

Left to Oblivion…

Tiermas - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-7.jpg
The dome collapsed a few years ago and the village has been left to decay into oblivion

Tiermas is a Spanish abandoned village in Aragón in a region of Zaragoza known as Jacetania. This place is located next to the Yesa dam, that was built in the late 50s to provide irrigation and drinking water to this area. Very close to this very water reservoir we can also find another of my favourite deserted locations, Escó that I will cover maybe in another moment, as I spent one magical night stargazing and watching a meteor shower so it deserves its own post.

Those two villages are very close one from another so you can visit them both in one hike. My partner Héctor knows I have a weakness for ruins and desolate locations and they are less than hour drive from where I live now, so we have visited them both through the years and been myself spectator of their decay. I cannot help to feel a pang when I see them falling apart. Some places transcend beautifully when returning to Nature, but there is a sad ghostly quality in Tiermas, futures truncated, homes confiscated from their families, life taken away from a place.

In the case of Tiermas most of the village was flooded in 1959 and it is now underwater. Only part of it remained uncovered, isolated and safe on top of a hill. More than 1500 people lost their homes and crops and had to leave the village, which remained isolated and surrounded by water. In the 90s there were claims by former owners to try to restore the remains of the village but these plans were not taken into account as there are intentions to make the reservoir bigger (engulfing other locations like Escó that are also abandoned). Well technically Escó has 1 inhabitant (a single person that visits the place and keeps his dogs and cattle in it). I know because I met him once and talked with him though there are even legends he’s a “ghost”. Again, that is another story.

The old Thermal Baths rises from the waters once a year

tiermas balneario - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

Above: ruins of the thermal baths rising from underwater once a year

The place was once well known for the thermal baths and Hot Springs with hot sulfurous waters. The ruins of this former Health resort rises once a year around September when the water reservoir is rather low. People still gather to take baths when these rise from the waters and it remains known to have “healing properties”. Even though laying down on the spontaneous pools that are formed among the scattered ruins every season is not safe, and one wonder if they can collapse on top of your head, the place is crowded even at night as hikers tend to set up their tents and sing songs while enjoying the thermal hot waters. The ruins return underwater when rain fills the dam again.
It is rumored that they intend to use pipes to build brand new Health Resort eventually on top of the hill for what this old village with so much History would need to be wiped out from existence.

And meanwhile it’s vanishing slowly into forgetfulness.

Abandoned into Oblivion

But today Tiermas it is just a rumble of houses covered in vines. At least emerged on top of the hill. From up above on clear days sometimes you can see the ruins of the rest of the village underwater. I wonder how it may look down there if diving were allowed. I have never seen footage of it and apparently currents make it dangerous. Just curiosity… As a sunk ship wreckage.

Tiermas - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-4.jpg

On top of the Hill the abandoned village decays each year, each season one or two houses crumble down. The overgrown vegetation has engulfed everything. The thorns of blackberry bushes have cut the access to many of the old streets unless you want to leave a few drops of blood making a way through.

Tiermas - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

An abandoned Church in an abandoned village

One of the highlights is the Church. Some graffiti and painting have vandalized the romantic decadence of this place. Some are of poor taste, especially the ones around the church which makes me sad.

Tiermas - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg
Tiermas - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-4.jpg

These pictures are old rather old, two years ago the vault collapsed and is gone. So my entry photo doesn’t exist anymore as it is shown in these pictures.

Both Esco and Tiermas were used as “sceneries” for the recent movie “Guernica” (that was bombed in the Civil War) as they both look like a reenactment of villages destroyed by war.

Tiermas - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-5.jpg

The Witches Portal

The “Witches Portal” was built in the XIII century by order of the King Pedro II of Aragon as this was the frontier of the Kingdom of Navarre. It is the only door that remains out of the three that were part of the “fortification” of the village. At the edge of the abandoned Tiermas it offers an excellent aerial view.

Tiermas - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-2.jpg
Tiermas - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-3.jpg

Final Thoughts… Let’s not forget

Last time I visited the place oddly a brand new road has been made to reach the location, yet there are no plans for its conservation and all it’s left to fall down. A ghost of a town. It is obviously sad that brand new “Spa” might be built in the near future, wiping out Tiermas history and story.

So this place as it is on these pictures is NO MORE… the arches of the church remain but the vault collapsed… some constructions are barely held by vines… Others have still belongings and objects scattered around… One cannot help to imagine it when it was flourishing and full of life. Both Tiermas and Escó are doomed to oblivion, even if their origins date them on the XII century as towns and even as “settlements” in the Bronze Era. So much History and legacy… falling down and becoming a part entangled by ivy.

Let’s remember it…
This place has shifted and will be no more soon…
But let’s not forget…

Tiermas, Zaragoza, Spain

Tiermas - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-6.jpg

All pictures (c) to Priscilla Hernandez. The ones I appear in taken in collaboration with my partner Héctor Corcín.

Do you like abandoned places? Share your thoughts!

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Happy Belated Unicorn Day: The last Unicorn cover, Unicorn pics, movies, books and more!

Happy Belated National Unicorn Day

9th of April was Unicorn day and though I am a little bit late for the Unicorns party, I have taken this celebration as an encouragement to write this article. So I am sharing some Unicorn photography, my own version of “The Last Unicorn” soundtrack main theme (one of my favourite movies ever) as well as my Unicorn books, movies, thoughts and musings.

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Orbaitzeta: Old Munition factory turned into Tolkien elven Halls

Nature can transform everything… even an industrial munition factory into a fantasy scenery… A little imagination can wipe out the ugliness and transform it into an enchanted location.

As I mentioned in my recent article, I have a fondness for ruins and abandoned places. I find them very eerie but melancholic and romantic… I think places are haunted by desolation and disuse but in some cases they are transformed into something magical when overgrown Nature claims them back and this is the case of Orbaizeta.

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