Untrodden paths, finding our own way…

Sharing some pictures of me, taken last weekend. As you may know already, besides music and illustration I love to hike in Nature and create Fantasy inspired photography as a way to tell short stories (sometimes motivational).

It is chilly outside… It may snow again tonight! We are all summoning Spring but Winter is still sitting on the throne…
But every season has its own magic, I love the way snow can transform everything overnight. I somehow welcome and need that “change” too… It is like when you wake up and everything has been covered by clean and pure white snow so you can walk on a new untrodden path. You can set your course, chose your way… Every possibility lies before you. And I am sure many of you will understand what I mean. ;). Maybe even the footprints that you leave will help others to follow.
Dare to venture… our souls are wild…!

Is there snow where you live?

Photos of me taken by Héctor Corcín  February 2018. My fantasy photography is usually in collaboration with him (sometimes other fellow photographers as well). We often film on these locations and we use these footage on our own music videos too, so it´s all part of the same project in that way 🙂

Cloak by myself, antlers by Costurero Real

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