You can touch the Moon… a little motivational story for artists

I wanted to share these series of photos of me  along with a little motivational story for all artists out there.  As a singer-songwriter and illustrator I have faced discouragement so many times, but I have always stood up and kept on fighting. It doesn’t matter if you are emerging or if you have already decades of experience. Sometimes we move forward, sometimes we stall. In my case there have been sweet moments, there have been struggling ones, but I’ve never stopped perceiving myself as an artist. This has been my journey half of my life already.

So you have a dream… and it´s like touching the Moon…!

So very often you will stumble upon people who will tell you straightforward “it is useless”, “it is impossible”, “You cannot touch the Moon, it is out of your reach and that is an actual scientific fact!”. And sometimes you are overwhelmed by the logic of it all, and suddenly what you aim for feels like “just another silly dream”, a source of frustration and wasted time…  But it is not. Keep the Moon at sight!

But they don’t understand that you are already “touching the moon in your own way” because that is precisely the magic of “ART” that it is a for to express our spirits and share a piece of our souls. True Art is not ruled by the “actual facts” but by “feelings”. And when I say “True Art” I make no mention if it´s good or bad (that depends on everyone´s taste and is another matter entirely) I mean if it´s something born from the heart.

Even an illusion or a metaphor it is able to carry and convey the MEANING and purpose of an artist creation. All is real in your mind eye and that thrill is enough to keep a dream alive. The spark of imagination creates your own and unique way to do it. Howl, dance, sing believe! Create!  Do not become obsessed to measure your worth in numbers,. Just worship and appreciate how you evolve and improve…  that´s the biggest success of all.  And this is also a reminder to myself, in those moments I forget.

You have a dream, and you can touch the Moon!

Thoughts are boundless.

PD: All photos were taken by my partner Héctor Corcín during a Super Moon in Navarre, 2015

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