Suspended: A moody Autumn story illustrated with photographs….

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A little freewrite moody poem and a leaf that caught my eye last weekend. So I go on with my slightly darker tone this October. I have been collecting some leaves and saving them in books. I do this every Autumn, but somehow the words rushed into my mind and I had to share them. Poem and photos by myself. It is not really a song but I’m kind of thinking of recording a spoken word version along with a melancholic music instrumental piece… what do you think?

autumn leaves - by priscilla Hernandez (


I am suspended
I refuse to fall
I refuse to glide down to be scattered among many
I refuse to be left to frostbite and dampness
I refuse to decay under a bare naked tree

autumn forest - by priscilla Hernandez (

I am suspended against logic
Held by invisible forces
By simple yet powerful magic…
A gust of wind
A thread of cobweb
Safety lines
That also tie me to their capricious will
Because you should know
There is a price I pay…
NOT to fall

suspended leaf - by priscilla Hernandez (

I am suspended
Almost motionless for a second
and then I begin my journey
Swirling up and down
Avoiding fate until being found

Or maybe someone will treasure me
And press me inside an old book
before I dry and wrinkle
Just a perfect fallen leaf,
Preserved but fragile
And suspended in time too
Like a memory of light
An echo of bright green days
Gone long ago
Stuck in these pages
Waiting for you to read my story


And trees will grow new leaves
But they wont be me

So I hope you like it… sometimes there is an overwhelming beauty in simple things… some kind of comforting sadness.
I am preparing a special “haunting” post and it’s taking me a long time to make… I’ve not been that much around but I am working in something special. Stay tuned.

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All photos / words © Priscilla Hernandez
Suspended leaf GIF by Hector Corcin Thank you !

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