TBT: Making of the videoclip Ethereal a song about lucid dreaming. Easter eggs, anecdotes and more

Ethereal is inspired in all things clear. Sometimes when you you are in lucid dream I feel that my feet can float, that I’m like air, foam, sparkling dewdrops, ethereal.

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Light as a feather

And when I feel I’m drowning in darkness I try to remember the light in myself. And I remember I know a way to rise

we grow wings out of our abyssal fins to take flight and feel ethereal.

Watch and listen the music video while you keep on reading

Do you ever dream you fly? What is Lucid dreaming?

I have quite a lot of sleep disorders, some like sleep paralysis are frightening. False awakenings are confusing… But then there is lucid dreaming those dreams where you are aware you are the *dreamer” and you have control of how the dream unfolds before you. As I had a history with night horrors, nightmares, and sleep paralysis I learned almost naturally how to do this. I even use it to practise music… but of course mostly to travel, fly, and shape a world of my own. So I learned to “dream” without fear. Of course sometimes I still lose control of them and I go back to terrifying nightmares, but for me being able to “shape my dreams” to create stories and living them, being the c

Like transparent waters and clear lucid reams
Sweet wonders unfolding, I’m conscious
I take flight… my soul feels unclouded

- by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

A whole world in my hands… a world I shape, my own enclosed Universe…. my DreamsMaking of the videoclip: Feathers, glitter, fabric

Again it was the result of HĂ©ctor and I teamwork… And lots and lots of glitter. A combination of indoors and ourdoors locations and lots of diy and practical effects. It started out selecting the right feathers…
And lots of time floating on freezing ponds, walking barefoot in the forest, and fighting with the wind machines! 🙂

feathers - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth).jpg
Ethereal yidneth making of - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

Making of the dress and overall look

ethereal dress.jpg

I made my own dress. I used white coloured fabrics. The skirt was made with a handkerchief patterns, several squares or organza fabric layered. The bodice was a work of patience though, cutting shapes and using a hot glue gun.. at the end it felt more like an “armour” very rigid… and sparkly All is very glittery in this video.
I completed my look using a light gray wig and doing a very sparkly make up with rhinestones and transparent droplets glued to my skin like dew.
I also made a heavy white cloak with the help of my friend Cristina.

For some additional dancing sequece I was gifted a pair of Silk chiffon Isis Wings that seemed to fly around me courtesy of “Dancing Wings” which one one of the elements that was not self-made

dancing - by Priscilla Hernandez.jpg

Isis Wings in silk chiffon courtesy of Dancing Wings

Another part of the costume (especially at the end where the videoclip moves to water to air and stars) is the fairy wings. Though I made the design of these fairy wings and drew the pattern it was done custom-made for me by a company called “Enchanted Costumes” who gently endorsed them for my concerts and shows. So those white wings are the ones I usually use on stage and also appeared at the end of the video. This is a promotional shoot wearing the wings and fabrics, it represents the last third of the music video when we have already “taken flight”


Above me on stage with the custom made wings I designed. Below, promotional shoot for Ethereal wearing them

ethereal - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

We filmed both indoors and outdoors.

We needed to float on water so we scouted for locations in Nature and found some lovely ponds in Catalonia. I remember my friend Wui (who also helped me with make up that day) and I ended up swimming back through ponds under the light of the full Moon because we wouldn’t venture to hike back the edges in darkness. So the atmosphere in the video of floating under the Moon was very real
We also filmed in the forest of Orgi (Navarre) additional scenes wearing the hood

For the indoors we used a green screen and black background. Lots of glitter, crystals, cobweb and a wind machine… And believe me wind machies love to tangle floating fabrics… 🙂 The number of bloopers and funny takes was insane. Luckily enough many takes were ethereal Enough. We used blue lights to provide ambience to the scenes. It also enhanced enhanced the iridescent make ups.


Easter Egg I had not previously shared (In memory)

By the time I released this video two of my rats (aka. “fufunchis”) Tuula and Ritva had said their good byes. The final third of the video is very “AIR”. In fact there is a transition of elements from water to air. We included nebulae among the stars… and here is the Easter Egg, at some points those nebulae were generated by using pictures of Tuula and Ritva blurred, of course they are part of the “Heavens” now and still and forever part of the Universe I’ve lived in. You may require to watch several times to spot them… but if you do, let me know in comments.


Above: Ritva and Tuula make a guest appearance as Easter Egg. Taika was still living so she didn’t.

Lyrics / Poem

pond - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

Pure and serene…
Like dew on a cobweb of delicate silk
and sheer threads of silver
are the weft of the fabric of dreams
gauzy and fragile (gauzy and fragile)
like thin ice (thin ice)
oh floating dust (oh floating dust)
in open skies (in open skies)
I feel… hyaline
Like transparent waters
(They tenderly held me…)
and mother of pearl
(with gentle sway…)
those moon like pale opals
(all covered…)
I feel…
(…with moonbeams while drifting)
while drifting
Our trails of afterglow
pulse like shimmering stardust
and the patterns that they draw
lead the way out of darkness
We grow wings from abyssal fins
to take flight and feel
Like transparent waters
(Sweet wonders unfolding)
and clear lucid dreams
(I’m conscious)
Iridescent and pale
insect wings
(to take flight)
My soul feels
We get ready now
for life under the light
(Sweet wonder…)
I feel
We get ready now
for life under the light
(I’m conscious…)
I feel…
we get ready now
for life under the light
(to take flight
light as a feather)
I feel
Don’t you feel ethereal?
Don’t you feel ethereal?
Pure and serene
My essence…

This song will be included in my third album Fear no more so feel free to support us by purchasing the song from Bandcamp:

Song Credits:

winter - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

Gauzy and Fragile like thin Ice

Music and lyrics and arrangements: Priscilla Hernandez
Priscilla Hernandez: composition, vocals, synth, keyboard, piano, flute, kantele
HĂ©ctor CorcĂ­n: Percussion, Oscar Tribalthunder, additional electronic arrangements
Armen Vartanyan: violĂ­n

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