Impressions of Autumn :)

Above: me as “Autumn” dress and crown made by myself 🙂

Autumn is my favourite of all seasons :). I honestly love them all but I grew in a tropical island where “The Fall” would never take place. Even then I had already written “I steal the leaves” one of the first songs I ever shared online (I steal the leaves but I´ll bring them back in Spring…) and first time I saw the leaves changing colours I was amazed. So that bright, colourful period where all colours shift infuse my spirit with magic… 🙂 I always have loved Nature 🙂 but for a while I lived in a big city and some years ago I returned to a quieter life closer to the healing Mother. I hike a lot, and as you all know I love fantasy (music, literature, costumes) and I love to dress up a lot :)… I upload fantasy pictures regularly to my instagram account 

But every season I like to do a special “seasonal” photoshoot and here is Autumn 2017´s

Below: Me with Moth wings made by my friends from El Costurero Real

And when Autumn days become misty and cold, it gets ready to say farewell and welcome Winter, where cobwebs become jewels of frost, and pure snow paints the landscape in monochromatic white

Locations: Navarre, Spain

Photographer: Héctor Corcín, edit by Priscilla Hernandez

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